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  1. anything, whether it’s a joke, why you should get it, or anything really ;)

  2. I would definitely take it. Really nice account!

  3. Sometimes bundles go on sale. You also get a discount if you buy 10k DBC. There are a lot better value bundles out there than the legion armour.

  4. Thanks for your response, I will check the other bundles. Just don’t have 80€ to spend on a game i am still a student.

  5. How do you think this game makes it's money?

  6. I understand that they need to earn money, was just wondering as the price seemed very high. Sorry for the question.

  7. Get sims form rarbg is work

  8. Ok so you think I should redownload? I dont mind the work just thought there might be an easier way if I already downloaded it once.

  9. What kind of tips do you need? I have the same and am farley sure that this is a crayfish.

  10. He has one tankmate, a very fast algae eater. He seems healthy, feisty, and spry, has not molted yet. Yes, I’m also fairly sure he is a blue crayfish. I have gravel substrate, I have no live plants because I was assured he would destroy them. I keep the water clear and the tank neat, cycled for a week before welcoming him home with bacteria starter, have an airstone and a heater, he has places to hide and a ramp to get up and have a taste of air when he likes without the ability to escape. Am I missing anything :o I just want him to be happy and healthy for as long as he is able.

  11. Honestly it sounds like he has everything he needs. Keep in mind that most crayfish are more active at dawn to night which makes it easy for them to Kill sleeping fish like guppy’s or mollys.

  12. It looks like the molly is pregnant

  13. Honestly just floating upside down does not sound like something that could spread to other fish, so I would add it to the tank and try to let them acclimate for a little while.

  14. Test your ammonia and nitrate levels. If the ammonia is too high your fish will internally bleed amongst other things and eventually die.

  15. Yes you are right it was the ammonia. I always tested the water from the surface there was everything okay but deeper down ammonia was wayyy to much.

  16. You can try immediately quarantining it with a water change and maybe add some melafix to the tank

  17. Thanks I will try that! I am new to this hobby and I was told catfish are extremely tough and won’t get ill… seems not like it to be honest.

  18. Are you talking about a blue crayfish when you say “blue Florida crustacean? Let it be known that a crayfish will kill everything you love. It will go for the plants first, then the fish. Despite what anyone says. I would avoid that

  19. Damn thanks for this news never heard this before. Is this normal behaviour for them or are they mistreated or why do they behave like that? Can I avoid that somehow?

  20. The crayfish, that’s just what they do. Little crabs may not be like that though

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