1. If you can be as efficient as possible, there’s a 35.27% chance you can make it back to orbit

  2. I got back to Kerbin! Why is everyone saying I can only get to duna orbit?!

  3. First console was an xbox 360. Then I had a one for about a half a year then switched to ps4 since the one was giving me problems. Now I recently got a series s which works phenomenal!

  4. PC version is better. Controls are easier and if you got steam, you can get mods from the workshop

  5. I think it’s safe to say the mod’s pretty well abandoned. Nothing I do is working, the icon shows up in the VAB but doesn’t do anything when I click on it. Can’t revert to an older version of ksp due to incompatible saves and too many visual mods. Why’d the creator give up on such a game changer😔

  6. 1/10, gotta remember we aren’t playing a game with characters that have disney appearances

  7. It's a dude with a grenade launch on the lower left side behind that rubble. I like using a sniper or rushing him

  8. I should’ve chose a much better weapon layout if I would’ve known about this lol, i’ll probably come back to it later

  9. This game is so unoptimized lmao. Had to give up a few 20+ hour saves because of this happening

  10. Most Wanted's plot is way too simplistic to carry an entire movie. Furthermore, it's the most sold game in the franchise, so a very large amount of the potential audience will already know how the story develops, resulting in a boring movie. Its only redeeming qualities would be the car chases and races.

  11. NEWS ALERT: Microsoft Discontinuing production of the Xbox for the Xbix

  12. I have for Xbox, but I only got the 360, I already bought for having a game when I buy my Series S.

  13. I think you can use Easy Development Controls to change these settings too, vehicles tab

  14. All good. I get the idea now! Let us know how it goes.

  15. That’s probably why then. I’m using the TMR Mixing Silo Mod, which was released before hand

  16. You could edit the mod to support MaizePlus filltypes. Should only require a couple of additions to the code.

  17. Agree with everything but I would add best soundtrack to Vice City. Those 80s songs are simply beautiful!

  18. Well I'll be damned the trick actually worked. Had 4 canker sores, 2 which are always numb for some reason and the other 2 which sting very badly. Applied plenty of salt on the stinging one and most of the pain went away, great remedy for the time being

  19. It was actually an auction lmao, I was drunk at the time and kept saying my bid number without realizing

  20. Yeah drinking or smoking and playing this game can make you come back to some different things. I thought I only owned one car and found out I have 2 more somewhere. The drag strip is how I found out.

  21. Had this happen a few times when I was cruising in my General Lee RT Charger

  22. Gotcha, it’s been a while since I last played so i’m getting back in the hang of things

  23. Enjoy! Not too long ago, I found parts can be upgraded with scrap. For the upgraded parts it adds to their performance.

  24. There's a tree creating the oxygen you're wasting. Go find it in the woods and apologize

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