1. Do a hard reset by pressing up volume, down volume (make sure to press each volume button individually), and then press and hold side button for 10-15 seconds.

  2. Holy shit. Thank you. Key was multiple tries and holding it between 20-40 seconds

  3. Lovely car, mate. That b58 will not disappoint.

  4. No offence but that sound kinda ass. Just my opinion

  5. I cringe every time I see a post like this. It’s literally begging to know, “which one would you think most people would love me in?” Definitely not someone who enjoys driving a car or really cares about the bmw brand. Just some lame bro hoping a bmw will get them the cute fella they’re looking for.

  6. From the looks of his comments the OP is going to go get some Harry Potter trading cards on his way to get a Range Rover and Bmw. Everyone has to dream. I’m on my way to

  7. Pokemon* but yeah. Private island is a solid investment

  8. Out of curiosity, how long till one sees underbody rust driving on salted roads?

  9. I’m torn on what to buy. Options are a 2019 440i GC or 2020 840i GC. I adore the way the 8 series looks but I also love the tuning potential of the 4 series. It’ll be used as a daily driver so it’s gotta be practical as well. What’s your experience with either of these cars?

  10. Read this one a while back but I enjoyed it. It’s basically legend plus a bit more.

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