1. Is this a case of a meddling owner? We know they have a loud and passionate owner, which on its own is good, but red flag if they were behind this.

  2. I hate to say it. But the conspiracy theories were right

  3. All it took was 2 years of dominance and a shitty long weekend in the US to get us to almost 200k viewers!

  4. Tbf. These broadcasts are pure profit for ESPN. They don’t pay a cent for production or rights

  5. You gotta hand it to the Mac Bros. They could probably easily charge 80-90$ a ticket and still sell out.

  6. Touche. Very well stated. It's not as though people don't care per se, but more a case of the administrators, and organizations put in place to deal with the homeless issue are more concerned with keeping their $100,000+ salaries rather than effectively dealing with the problem. Crystal Wilson took a lot a criticism for her part in creating those homeless cabins or whatever they were called. Yet, there are fat cats drawing 6 figure plus salaries that do very little, but their names remain a well guarded secret.

  7. I can tell you there was a concerted effort from MULTIPLE agencies here in Kingston to get those cabins shut down for the sole reason that those agencies weren’t the ones putting the project forward and they were worried that the success would hurt their funding.

  8. Wild that I legally streaming all these games through online cable, even using the Bell smart tv app, don't count towards ratings?!

  9. Someone explained to me why this is but I can't remember why, I just remember thinking it was an absolutely stupid reason.

  10. Tre is in the building everyone!

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