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  1. These guys shown above 👆are mainstream trash. There isn’t music that’s worse than what they make. Real hip hop is groups like Zion I, Cunnin Lynguusts, Living Legends, Brother Ali, Atmosphere, etc. REAL hip hop is meant to build up your fellow humans and help you relate by telling your story. Spread love and light. Spread awareness for the state the world is in currently. Mainstream trash “rap” is doing more harm to the earth than all the plastic in the ocean combined. It literally kills your consciousness and will absolutely make you dumber. It’s basically brain damage in 3-4 minute bite size songs. Who gives a fuck about your bitches, hoes, fat rims, drugs, and money. Tell me something I don’t know. Sorry for the rant I just despise it SO much. People who like mainstream can downvote me it’s Saul Goodman. Anyone else knows I’m speaking the truth.

  2. I thought the patch was her mouth for a second before the gif loaded lol

  3. I thoufhr it waa a fucking mustache foe some reason and her mourh was below

  4. Holy shit he looks like a primordial human

  5. Dude went full caveman. Also good kid for keeping his little sibling inside

  6. Ill admit motm3 wasnt that good but hes still a good artist

  7. Being sick and tired of life is a step along the journey. At that point it becomes possible to drop beliefs that you may hold about the world, that are negatively affecting your perception.

  8. Thanks for that I feel like OP. Ill think things are beautiful then I remember some people are rich and killing the planet while some are homeless and starving. It makes me rethink all I’ve experienced and learned.

  9. Same here. Apprently both amadeus and my mom can bond on bud light

  10. Not since he stole the grammys that one fateful year

  11. That they/them bussy will change your life

  12. Usually I just go full on jackhammer and just grab the love handles and go apeshit. But this sounds nice

  13. overthrow like throwing rover a biscuit. a lotta bitches thinks he’s overly chauvinistic.

  14. There goes his dick if thats the case

  15. How does one get over the fear of torture. Humans are so cruel

  16. What did the barber do to you. He fucked your shit up my guy

  17. IMO he's far too consistent, coherent and linear to seem truly unwell.

  18. Like the time he made multiple accounts and fake ones too?

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