1. fill that jacket with helium and you’ll float away

  2. Entrance to the backrooms!?!!😳😳😳

  3. Bats. Always killing my valk or mini pekka

  4. You sure it's your first time? That's a pretty good grip

  5. I’ve gripped many things. This is my first grip on this subreddit

  6. Don’t even think we have chuck e cheese in Australia

  7. Well something around 5 K for long range troops and buildings

  8. Pssst just in case no one tells you, rabbit owners do not appreciate this joke because we hear it aaaaall the time. It’s kinda lame to joke about someone’s pet being killable/edible anyway. Our pets are our fam.

  9. I hear it a lot from family and friends. Mostly boys for some reason.

  10. Well look at it, It’s obviously art!

  11. Mending. Just carry a few stacks of arrows with you

  12. Infinity, you can just grad 31 iron, make an anvil, combine it with another bow that's unenchantedm

  13. the EXP cost would go up until it would say “too expensive!”

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