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  1. Reminds me of The Emperor's New Groove when Cuzco (as a llama) dresses like a woman to get into the diner.

  2. What the hell is with that music?! Not OP's fault, but I just remembered why I tend to keep reddit muted by default.

  3. i agree but speed up songs are popular on tiktok for some reason

  4. Fortunately my exposure to it is limited to what videos make it to reddit,

  5. I'm pretty sure that the entire captcha industry is funded by boat companies trying to plant the idea that you should buy a boat.

  6. The program they used to pull it off youtube has lossy compression and you need to buy the premium version to get sound.

  7. That's sucky... But hey, thanks for replying to this, it always bothers me when these great videos are ruined by lack of sound and I didn't know the reason for that.

  8. They misphrased it, IMO what they mean "you didn't get what you deserved" is that you avoided the consequences of what would normally be disastrous for someone with bad dental hygiene like you. In fact, given the explanation point I think they were actually being friendly(since I have noticed that actually mean people on reddit never use exclamation points unless they are super duper angry, and in this case it's rather to show enthusiasm)

  9. Respectfully, I disagree that they were being friendly- to me the last line in particular sounds like a dig and a bit passive-aggressive. Surely, it's not friendly to tell someone to be thankful they didn't get what they deserved (they use that word twice, emphasising that they think OP deserves bad teeth). I also think telling them to 'do better' in future indicates their insensitivity to the fact that OP wasn't taking care of their teeth due to depression. It feels dismissive, and akin to telling someone to 'just be happy' or 'try harder'.

  10. Oh, so waging war on the sea and making human (Christian) candles isn't required for this run?

  11. My mates and I have always called it ginger. Fizzy juice feels weird rolling off the tongue.

  12. Same, 'ginger' refers to any type of fizzy juice where I'm from.

  13. I've had this happen a few times in jobs- managers who weren't remotely intimidating but somehow most people found them 'scary' or 'unapproachable'. Those were the managers I found it easiest to communicate with. They- like me- were very straightforward and so nobody had to read between the lines. I really appreciated that.

  14. They honestly got me through the whole pandemic... They're an excellent form of self-care!

  15. But would I be welcomed in Sweden? I feel like there's animosity towards Americans everywhere; even though I'm a very nice person who tries to be considerate of others, Americans have a bad reputation currently. I have a child that I do want to grow up in a better environment, where I don't have to worry about medical expenses, housing, and such. Also there's finding work, right now I'm working two jobs (America...) and I would like to spend more time with my son. It's just a lot I've got to work on and plan. It's a bit overwhelming.

  16. I'll trying to frame this in a realistic way, even though my own experience has been very positive, I have zero regrets moving, and very much love my life here: if you're considering Europe,

  17. Every single time I see or hear about eels now my brain fires up this banger!

  18. 27(F) in The Netherlands. The mental health services where I'm from (UK) are in a terrible state right now, even more so since the pandemic. My experience here has been much better-more accessible and streamlined.

  19. I'm trying to organize and declutter... I found partly used notebooks and many more that were untouched. So many out of place books, so I bought twice because I forgot I already had them and 3, yes 3, Jason Momoa coloring books... I colored one page... partially. I'm funny

  20. Haha I have SO MANY colouring books that have a handful of partially coloured pages... I don't think I've ever finished one before. Oops.

  21. I'm stunned that you eat enough soup that a second kettle has been bought/kept specifically for warming it... How much do you actually consume per week?! Probably taking up a precious plug socket and space on the counter, too.

  22. You'll be absolutely fine, provided that you be sensible with alcohol/weed, especially at night, and follow the usual personal safety stuff. It's always good to be mindful of who you tell that you're traveling alone/where you're staying.

  23. It's funny, I grew up pronouncing it prie-mark (in Scotland) but then a few years ago people were debating the pronunciation... Turns out it's officially pry-mark. It's too late to change my ways, so I'm glad I can still say prie-mark here and not be corrected. Lol.

  24. The pronunciation transcription was for someone Dutch. For someone with (less) Dutch knowledge, I would transcribe the NL version more as TO-FAYE with a lot of emphasis on the FAYE. vs TA-FY in UK English. The difference is quite noticeable.

  25. Actually, in the UK it is also pronounced with the emphasis on the first part: Toff-ee.

  26. Whole, crunchy pickles only for me. No slices, short or round.

  27. Can we add to that list babies, kids under 5, and some elderly folks too? Also, books and plants bc yea

  28. It's funny because I don't really know what to do when I interact with babies/young kids. I'm not used to them and I don't do the whole silly voices/'talking down' thing... So when I do meet them I end up talking to them similarly to how I'd talk to teenagers/adults. With young kids it's fine because we can talk about video games, cartoons, dinosaurs, lego, etc... Fortunately they usually seem to like me for some reason. I've been told it's because I'm softly spoken, but I also think kids appreciate being talked to like everyone else in the room and not patronised. I know I hated that as a kid and could see right through it.

  29. Uhh... You mean that's not normal? My bag always has to have the basic "essentials" , or what I consider to be so. Phone, keys (with large keyring), wallet, lip balm (although for me that's also a comfort/stim item), loops/earphones, SPF, sunglasses, a hat, some medicine/first aid stuff, sanitiser, wet wipes, hand lotion... But they all get used virtually every time I leave my house!

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