1. I mainly shoot birds and am currently using a Nikon d500 (shoots upto 10FPS) along with a Sigma 150-600mm. Both second hand. The body had a shutter count of less than 2000, cost me £890. The lens was £750, and delivered personally by the seller because he was too nervous to send it via Royal Mail.

  2. Visited the coast many times over the years, however I’ve only taken the camera twice. First to Bempton in Spring and then this weekend I went to Whitby and then Robin Hoods Bay where I’ve been able to add some new birds to my list. Bear with me here, I think I’ve ID’d them correctly but please correct where wrong, I think I have:-

  3. Where are you coming from? If you’re passing York you’ve got an excellent chance of seeing peregrines on the minster. It’s not exactly near bempton, but it’s on the way if you’re coming from the west.

  4. Chesterfield. There are Peregrines on the crooked spire in the town but I haven’t seen one for months now, and never got a photo of one either. Bempton is only really a weekend option at this time of year so I’m looking at getting up there in the next couple of weeks.

  5. Realise I’m late to respond but definitely try out some spots on the east coast if you’re in chesterfield! Burton Mere + Parkgate, and then marshside up in Southport are all fantastic in winter. Leighton moss also amazing

  6. Thank you. Following a successful trip to the east coast this weekend, I think Southport is next on the list if the weather holds over the next few weekends.

  7. I have a Lilienthal Berlin Meteorite III Chronograph. Purchased this solely for the reason that it contains an actual piece of Meteorite in it. I find it quite cool to be walking around with a tiny piece of space rock on my wrist. Also considering buying the Volcano II.

  8. Im from Germany Europe. So it is not an American robin but an European one I think. Most of them fly to southern Europe in winter but some stay here to secure an area so it actually is kinda rare to see them right now.

  9. He keeps visiting the goyt at Kelham Island. I think the river being fast and high due to the bad weather lately has forced him to find somewhere calmer to fish. He’s surprisingly tolerant of all the people passing by, especially me.

  10. Excellent. Good spot for a beer too, I love Kelham Island. Could be a good excuse to get back there to see this beauty

  11. Great shots. Thanks for posting. I think the first could be a Buzzard. Great to see the Cormorant and Nuthatch. What is number 9 please? Stonechat possibly?

  12. Unusual behaviour for a Kestrel. Pigeon is a similar size to them! Should be eating Voles

  13. I agree, although this is clearly a kestrel, this ‘prey’ is highly unusual.

  14. I reckon someone recently told me that these are colonising as far as North West Lancashire. Whilst beautiful birds and lovely to see, I do not think they are having a good effect on our native species.

  15. I am not sure what the rules are like in the UK, but (I believe) that in the US 'genuine leather' is actually a trade term denoting the lowest level of leather. Kind of like how beef is classified USDA Choice, Prime, etc. if you're familiar with that system or if there's a similar one in the UK.

  16. Yep, exactly the same here in the UK from what I’m reading. ‘Genuine Leather’ is one to avoid. I’ll take a look at Fluco. Thanks for your suggestion.

  17. Despite the best efforts of the Luftwaffe, London has some beautiful architecture. Old and New.

  18. I agree. It’s amazing how much has actually survived. The WW2 images around St Paul’s Cathedral really make you realise the scale of destruction

  19. Had a bit of a depressing couple of weeks with a family illness and a poorly doggy so I went out walking to clear my head. Left the camera at home. And surprise surprise I came within 30 yards of a buzzard, spotted a coal tit, 3 nuthatches, only my 3rd sighting of a Goldcrest, several blue and great tits, and a few long tailed tits, typical!

  20. I'm sorry to hear that. I hope everyone will feel better soon.

  21. I’ve had a Robin within a foot of me doing the same on a nearby trail and the canal. But it won’t come any closer. Once I move to a nearby bench and leave the food it comes and devours the lot. And then moves along with me in the bushes for a good 50-60 yards. There’s something really wholesome about carrying out these same actions that I love. No real risk as I always carry hand sanitizer with me.

  22. I can never tell marsh tit from willow tit

  23. Willow tits are far rarer and I ‘think’ an identifying feature can be in the roundness of the forked tail. The marsh tit also has a smaller bib (black area under the beak). Some excellent images here. Thanks for posting.

  24. Came to a standstill because someone in front had broken down, going uphill around 20 feet from a junction to the left. As each car passed when they could, some were pipping and hurling abuse. When I got behind the car, I popped my hazards on, jumped out and asked if they wanted help trying to get the car off the main road and around the corner that was 20 yards ahead. They were a couple and grateful for my help. A man was driving with his wife/girlfriend/fiancée alongside. I expected at least one of them to jump out and help. But nope, both just said thanks and sat there. Anyway, my own wife ended up helping me push and I landed up busting my right hamstring whilst they sat there letting us push them off the main road.

  25. I think a cricketer must have dropped his ‘box’………..and now he’s lost it, when he plays cricket again the ball will whack him in his goolies 😣

  26. Ah yes, the middle wheel of the bus

  27. Seeing homeless people makes me realise how lucky I am. I try and buy the Big Issue from a local seller every month. If it’s cold or wet I buy him a hot drink.

  28. Excellent shot. I’ve been trying for such a photo for the best part of 7 months now. This really is inspiration to keep on trying! Well done.

  29. Beautiful birds to see. Where I am, Derbyshire, England, there seems to have been a population explosion of these colourful finches, they seem to be everywhere.

  30. This really is a great shot. These birds only visit Europe and the UK in late spring and summer to breed, returning to Africa around September. I spent a good amount of time trying to photograph them this summer so I appreciate the effort it takes to capture such images. A big well done from me.

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