Half-Life 4 [OC]

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  1. Mean's we'll hear some interesting chord progressions and melodies that we don't typically hear with "radio rock"

  2. Perhaps they'll have many more opportunities to play small shows/release more music more often. NOFX being independent has enabled them to do soooo much stuff. Though everything won't be in-house for A7x, they'll surely have a lot more control over their program.

  3. In Duff's (far left) book, they talk about their first tour up California (hitchhiking, eating onions in an onion field like they were apples etc). Later, when they returned to LA, Appetite for Destruction had become ubiquitous with the rock scene. Duff writes how strange it was to see people dressing like you see here.

  4. Dude .5 is an amazing album/cycle. Considering it was a "comeback" effort through and through, I think they did a killer job. I'm def part of the HUGE wave that came in during that record.

  5. It’s just the guitar that I didn’t like. I love the work of the album though. Also, the lyrics give me a god complex

  6. Listen to the new Trax podcast. Syn said that there needs to be a gun to his head or his family held hostage or something similar to ever play Beast and the Harlot ever again lol he don’t even like saying the song title

  7. The song is a little, as they admit these days, self indulgent haha. I don't blame him as the creator, but the world over will love that song long after this band is gone.

  8. What the fuck is wrong with you?

  9. Very pretty OP. Reminds us that it doesn't take much to appreciate this phenomenon.

  10. Slipknot, as we know, is an accumulation of styles from the 80's, 90's and the 00's, mostly trash metal and hard rock. However, they do touch on many different genres throughout their career.

  11. Please don't take this in the wrong tone because I don't mean any ill intent. I want to just educate OP a bit. I see the term "Grindcore" get used so much and it's so weird. I think people are thinking grind as in "like thrash" hence "grinding guitar" because you would hear people in the 90's say things like "grind" but it meant something else.

  12. As a grindcore fan, I think "shitty" is an appropriate term. However, for anyone who hasn't heard any grindcore before, I think the word "unwelcoming" is better as many grindcore songs require immense speed and precision.

  13. I'm happy for them trying something new, but I've got a feeling we won't know the impact of this project until months down the line. Given their track record for clubs/video series/ect, I'm a little skeptical but excited to see what happens next.

  14. In a live q&a today on IG, I believe brooks said they’re touring Europe for almost/the entirety of June. I’m thinking May at the latest for a release.

  15. Wow - the “1984” reference at the top left about “free TVs” does more than joke about half life 2; it’s so so so interesting.

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