1. Hopefully the embarrassment from last game motivates the Sens to play good tonight. Let’s get back on track with a big W!

  2. If it had better villains it would be a top-tier bond film. Bond is great, the girl is great, the song is great, and the story is decent. If it had more memorable villains and set pieces it would be near perfect imo.

  3. We’re getting dummied by a sub-NHL lineup. This is embarrassing. There’s a lot of hockey left to play, let’s make some use of it!

  4. Chychrun you beauty! Welcome to Ottawa! Literally a perfect shot for his first as a Senator!

  5. Don’t take the Jackets for granted. This is a must win game. Buffalo and the Islanders are winning games and we still need to catch them. Let’s play a great game and pick up some big points!

  6. Your Brother did an amazing job! Seriously what an awesome work of art! 👍

  7. Ik this post is kinda old but 100000% recommend Michael Townsends Amazing Greek Myths Of Wonders And Blunders it’s kind of a kids book I haven’t read it in years and literally searched through google for a few years to find it again but it’s good and has a few laughs in it too🥰

  8. Honestly, I’d say about half of Bond’s Filmography is pretty mediocre.

  9. That’s the worst answer I’ve read today…

  10. Undefeated in the Chychrun era! Talbot fantastic. Top line stepped up. And Brass being an absolute beauty.

  11. Beauty play by Brady to get Timmy that goal. Timmy needed it after missing those early chances.

  12. Good to see Chychrun seems ok! Was an awkward leg movement. Hopefully all is good!

  13. I’d say the movie itself being good is definitely reliant on the villain being good. Bond himself can get by without a good villain, but most movies struggle when the villain isn’t holding up their end.

  14. Anyone else feel like they’re watching an epic sports movie!? The Wings are straight up villains right now! So needlessly dangerous and they’re paying for it!

  15. The emotions!!!! Who else is screaming at everything!? This feels like playoff hockey in February! Lol

  16. Great play! Huge goal! We’re outplaying them 5v5 we just gotta be better on the PP.

  17. Other than whatever that 5on3 was we are actually playing pretty solid.

  18. Stu with a monster game! 4 point night! 3 primary assists AND the OT winner!? Timmy calm down my heart can only take so much!

  19. Goldfinger. From Russia with Love is very good however there are slow moments. Goldfinger is more consistently enjoyable.

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