1. What is deemed a henka still kinda confuses me. To me, that's what it looked like initially. But since Takayasu ran into Abi anyway, Abi was able to win by Hatakikomi. Either way, I think the injury Takayasu sustained is what made the loss hurt more😞💔.

  2. I believe Takakeisho is 5'7 in the Imperial measurement system, so he's taller then me by a good 4 inches. Yet for some reason, I just see him as so small. I have no idea why😂😅.

  3. I'm assuming you're aware of the infamous video that got all the rikishi banned from social media?

  4. I wish I could give you more up votes for the LOTR reference alone.

  5. I never thought about the cause of young Koto's chesties until now. I'm guessing he get's it from his mother's side.

  6. The Tobizaru one is so adorbs. Perfectly captures that Tobizaru energy!

  7. I'm torn. On one hand I want these to be real, but at the same time I just don't think I could eat them😆😅. But Yes the lil details are so precious. I love how the Ura cookie is flying out the basket😆🥺💖.

  8. Yes! I wonder who made these? Whoever they are, is super talented and should make classes!

  9. You know you are doing a hella good job when fully a third of your rikishi are in Makuuchi, and one is the top dog. Little Teru had better KK or he will mess everything up.

  10. my first sumo crush.... I screamed out Takanohana when he came to fight in Melbourne.

  11. Very generous of him indeed. Sad about the not smiling part though. I get keeping decorum in the ring, but expecting to keep that attitude even off it sounds awful.

  12. Oh your right! I had no clue who this was until reading this. Huh, it's interesting seeing Isegahama in both his youth and in a relaxed setting. He also has a very interesting source to get his make up tips🤣😏.

  13. Rikishi👏Need👏 To👏 Have👏Facial👏 Hair! Period😤❤‍🔥.

  14. This was such a touching moment between the two bros. But this is still hilarious👍😂.

  15. His face in the 6th panel is like "Yep. Just gonna pretend I didn't hear that".

  16. shodai zensho-yusho followed by make-kochi in January

  17. I still would like to see Takayasu get a Yusho, so he'll be in my number 1 spot. But I'm sentimental and will be happy for whoever wins ❤.

  18. 😆The goober level of this pic is off the charts. And I love it❤🤗!!

  19. 🤭Ooooh my. 😅 Is the old man a sumo elder or something? Otherwise, as tempting as it would be to gently pat a rikishi bum, it be less awkward if he just tapped his shoulder.

  20. Pretty sure he was just a random member of the public taking liberties.

  21. Oh No😅! Maybe it's an old person pass/ not giving a 💩 attitude! But that's a bold move touching someone's bum. Even if it's just to make them scoot out the way.

  22. OhDear😱😱😱!!!! Shitgoose151's Insane Clown Posse and Rikishi mashup post has come to life!! This creepy imagery aside, Seeing Teru in his down time is always highly amusing😆😅.

  23. 😱😅Perfect month for this cursed imagery to be released in.

  24. Awww, 🤭🤗very sweet how young Hosh wasn't gonna deny Nishikigi a game.

  25. So does this mean Hakuho is a Queen B fan? Also, the painting of him in the background is gold😂.

  26. If Wakamotoharu keeps singing his heart out, he could be in contention too. He's been so damn charming lately.

  27. I've noticed that too! To me, out of the Waka bro's, Wakatakamoto seemed the most out going one. Now Wakamotoharu seems to be either coming more out of his shell or at least is able to display his personality more. Either way, it's adorable🥰.

  28. I'm really rooting for him. He just seems like a good egg, and his sumo is exhilarating.

  29. So am I!! In fact, I think if he keeps improving he may have it in him to go the distance and become Yokozuna. But time will tell I suppose.

  30. I have mixed feelings on the track suit. On one hand, I personally, find it a bit gauche. However, something about how he wears it just feels right. And the touch of sparkle adds to the display of power🤣😅.

  31. This dead a🍑🍑 took me a few mins to get 🤣😅. Well played Extension👏.

  32. I feel like a lot of us sumo fans living in the US (Or just the more western parts of the world in general) struggle with this kind of thing. I don't have anything against fans of baseball, football, basketball and all that - but I don't remember a single time where I was invested in what was happening while I was watching those sports. Every time I was at a baseball game for a school field trip, I was messing around with friends rather than paying attention.

  33. Same. I have nothing against the sports that are popular here in the states, they just don't peek my interest whatsoever.

  34. This is a big mood for me honestly. Sumo's the only sport I've really invested my time into😅.

  35. "Your Nodowa's are impressive, but I bet I can do waaaaaaay better".

  36. 😅Daaaw, Nishkifuji looks like the kid who doesn't have anyone to play with him on the playground, the poor Dove.

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