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  1. Unfortunately yes, also seems to be no places here that offer disk resurfacing

  2. That's unfortunate.. If flipping won't work.. In best scenario, whole drive needs cleaning imn worst. Replace

  3. Ok so it works fine for final fantasy 8, likely will need to resurface the game

  4. Well.. Depends, however in most cases it was soign of giving upr laser.. But yeah if it's scratched, it won't hurt

  5. Yeah checked the disk, wow this looks like something a kid played with alot. Gonna have to resurface it

  6. They are trying to prevent drug / gang activity.

  7. One day, but not today I got the time management skills comparable to jobby

  8. Cops are regularly bad drivers and don't give a fuck about pedestrian safety. Hell you're lucky you weren't blamed for it even as the victim

  9. Really nice idea of putting the wire through the polycap instead of drilling

  10. Yes, many RG Kits have a subltle look like light gray on white for the rg rx-78-2, more of a realism look

  11. Kermit the frog smoking a blunt while duel wielding two katana's

  12. Unless I'm mistaken, you still have a ton of slack in that chain, it's all over the place. Remove more links so it's not flopping all over the place and can actually stay on the gears.

  13. Scythe Kronos's preformance tip and twisted tempo's metal plate

  14. The movie _Baby Boom_ has an applesauce sub plot, and has some similarities to your memory (she moves to Vermont). Some of the other details don't line up, though.

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