1. I love the Irocs. I have a rat rod '79 El Camino with soft 8s on it, and a Gemtop canopy. I also cut a big hole in the tunnel to fit a Hurst T handle connected to the Muncie I swapped in. 350, 3.42 Yukon posi. It's bitchin.

  2. Your ride is cool bro, mine is still pretty stock mechanically, it's got a 350 with stock open diff rear-end don't know what gear ratio. I can only pull one wheel peels.

  3. Oh man I hated my open diff lol. I didn't get the rear-end built until a couple years ago. I'm trying to build it mostly junkyard style, and it's so fun for being as big of a piece of shit as it is. I bet it would dip in to high 12s now with some decent tires? I love that it looks so hideous though because it surprises everyone. Nice cars are awesome too, I actually dig those flames. If I can cast a vote I'd say go purple on it and do the ghost flames. That's a later 80s front end, isn't it?

  4. Yea the open diff sucks, and the previous owners swapped the single headlight face to the later double headlight face.

  5. In my opinion language arts was the hardest, especially the essay. I thought I did ok on it but when I got my report it said 1/6. It's also the longest test with 3 parts.

  6. I summarized the source material too much, I didn't clearly state my main ideas, and I had some repetitive sentences. I also nearly ran out of time, I only had 3 minutes left when I finished the essay.

  7. It's got a 350 small block from a 74 nova with a edelbrock 4 barrel carb in it right now, I want to swap it with a 454 in the future though

  8. Speaking of parties, are we going to talk about the giant wooden man in the background?

  9. Someone needs to explain to him what the function of sour cream in mexican food is lol

  10. En MĂ©xico no, pero en los estados unidos ponemos crema a la comida mexicana

  11. Mucha comida mexicana lleva crema, pero a los tacos no, los Ășnicos tacos que llevan crema son los tacos de taco bell

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