1. That’s another phrase I’ve heard that I don’t quite understand: “everyone worships something.”

  2. Worship could also mean something that we show the most adoration. Could be yourself, your job, your possessions etc. For Christians it’s God

  3. These additions are either old as shit or don't change combat all that much

  4. Majority of them are in the last year, quality of the updates are up for debate but it’s not that pvps have had nothing

  5. Fire came out in November 2019. Mast damage came out in April 2019. Cannon Rowboat was Season 5, as were ammo pouches, the latter being specifically rewarded for PVE and used to make PVE less tedious. Ashen Winds Skull and Trident are both much more effective against AI than players, and came out over a year ago, 2 in the formers case.

  6. I was questioning effectiveness, I was saying the fact that there’s no pvp updates is simply not true. There was an adventure a few months ago aimed exclusively at pvp

  7. The taking time off one for me. Now people will still come into work ill, but 'don't worry my covid test was negative'

  8. May be encouraged by managers. I work in a care home and if you test positive for Covid with no symptoms it’s not good enough and you still have to come kn

  9. It’s like season 5 which was my favourite season. I welcome QoL seasons

  10. Sitting, digging up treasure etc. Stuff asked for since launch, it was just a qol update

  11. Ensuring every pirate is unique was definitely the original design intent behind Rare's choice here in the random pirate generator.

  12. Little late but I love my pirate, I didn’t but I’ve grown to love him, warts n all (literally)

  13. Amor Vincit Omnia is my sloop. Latin for Love Conquers All, a reference to my Christian faith.

  14. Day 1 player here and played solo for nearly 1000 hours. You’ll be fine

  15. I like the Milestones honestly. I want more updates that incentivise the long game and can’t be done over the course of 12 weeks.

  16. Some of the milestones are totally indefensible though and that’s a root of the criticism. There’s a middle ground between the over the top op screenshot claiming everyone should delete the game and you claiming everyone wants everything right now. Obviously some time earning the items should be involved but I can confidently say absolutely no one will organically spend the literal, real hours on fire or sleeping in game for those rewards so criticizing milestones like that shouldn’t even be a debate.

  17. Been playing the game organically and already an hour on fire. It’s really not that bad.

  18. I agree with you. These things are meant to be accomplished over the next 6 years of the games life, people don’t want the long game though, they want to speed through each season which perplexes me

  19. Friends. I just don't play solo, for 400+ hrs I played solo once and didn't like the experience.

  20. Sea of thieves is my favourite game of all time. Nearly 1000 hours and I have only ever played Solo.

  21. Day 1 player here. I play it at the start of every season to 100% completion. So I’ve played it like 9 times now lol

  22. In my opinion there was a balance to be struck and they just kinda didn't want to :(

  23. There was no reason to. 2% of the playerbase played it

  24. 2% of playtime by the time they had made that decision.

  25. You’ll have to randomise until you get something similar

  26. The people who grind commendations are once again realising that the game isn’t meant to be played like that

  27. They’re on most islands unless someone has taken them. You can sell them, I forgot who too

  28. 10 years or more? Mate your dreaming. I love SoT as much as anyone. I've put in like 3000+ hours on and off since launch. This game is currently in the worst state it's ever been. It's a buggy ass mess.

  29. This is another problem. Why is it all tied to milestones? We have a few default trinkets but there are no beds, drapes, rugs, chairs, tables or beds available.

  30. Because the last four years the playerbase has been squabbling about wanting unlocks via game play. Now you have it

  31. The fact that the Sovereigns are explicitly described as a separate trading company that acts specifically as a convenience for quick trade-ins justifies this very clearly. You're not supporting your trading company by trading in your loot to the Sovereigns, you're giving the Sovereigns business, which is laid out clearly in all the milestones. They're not just an easy cash-out method with no other purpose, they're being built up as their own specific company you choose to support: they're a middle-man. Honestly, I think their setup is genius:

  32. This is a great comment and you’re picking up what everyone is missing. Nothing in the game is added just for ease, or new gameplay but in world story telling reasons to.

  33. I don’t understand why pirate milestones (personal to you) only apply if you are playing on a captained ship. I mean…they are personal to you as a pirate…so, why?

  34. Ingame reasoning is captained ships have ship logs and access to other ship logs, none captained ships don’t so there’s no way to keep track of pirate stats

  35. if the players aren't sticking around anyway, the game has a retention problem that it needs to address

  36. Eh, I’ve played from launch and I can’t see myself stopping honestly. This isn’t the first update people have unanimously complained about and it won’t be the last

  37. The only thing I want is for them to have counted minutes from before the update. I spent a lot of time in bed lol and would have probably put a decent dent in it if that was the case

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