1. Wow now I want to watch a show that is set here. What is the bull incident?

  2. When we had this little festival thing, they had this really scrappy looking mechanical bull with no safety features, and some kid was launched off the bull and broke ribs and his arm. Legit everyone could hear him scream in pain. Since then the only slightly thrilling thing they’ve had at that festival is a bouncy castle.

  3. Can't be mad at you. I highly respect anyone who enjoys the pain in the butt characters

  4. Thinking about these few cutscenes.... Definitely not anythign sexy.....

  5. How dare you call me out like this. But seriously, mbti was my special interest when i was 15, i was so cringe, it pains me to remember.

  6. I wish rice was safe for me it is definitely the most healthy from all of these

  7. Nooo D: is it the texture? If it is I has alternate suggestions! ( boiled rice cakes as in the dough ones )

  8. It is the texture and that sounds interesting. I have busy schedule rn but I hope I will get to try them soon

  9. Hey do you still work on this? By a coincidence I know about something that should be in a very low tier

  10. Broke: Autistic people like trains because they’re developmentally stunted and kids like trains.

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