1. If they had a $5 per month subscription with video of the pods and all the stuff they cut I would be down for that. Maybe something like subscription members get to vote on what movie they do a few times per year too.

  2. I kinda feel like everyone with a YouTube channel should have a podcast, and everyone with a podcast should have a YouTube. Especially since a lot of people record on zoom now. Why wouldn’t you try to get followers on both platforms? Like, I’m sure the editing process would be more complicated, but I think the rewards would be high. There’s probably some key element I’m not understanding, but I don’t get it.

  3. Exactly - this logic is exactly why I thought I simply was missing where to find their video!

  4. Sweeny is an institution - what a loss

  5. Not exaggerating: he’s complete deadweight, hard stop.

  6. Wouldn’t this run into: sex discrimination, disability discrimination, and tortious interference with contract claims? Feels like a tort exam question.

  7. Hi - one thought is, if you haven’t gone to a psychiatrist (even a Tele health one or a GP if you can’t find a psychiatrist), I would encourage you to try. Your symptoms sound like so many of us with GAD, and you’d be surprised at how the correct medicine can dramatically improve your ability to cope with anxiety and reduce the underlying anxiety

  8. Few thoughts, I hope one is helpful:

  9. Let’s not be silly - when has Manfred ever made a bad decision before

  10. Enjoy the Texas Rangers or Mets, Trevor

  11. they didn't want to pay him $33m at age 36 but are okay with Donaldson for $25m

  12. I laughed, but then I remembered that this actually happened, and then I got sad

  13. In better economies, lawyers in financial centers doing corporate and securities work were (infrequently) hired by investment banks and other finance shops to do that type of work.

  14. For the love of all things holy: just trade for Reynolds. Prospects usually don’t work out, and the window of Judge/Stanton/Cole isn’t forever.

  15. Hard cardio 5x a week - whatever hard means for you. For me, at the beginning, meant just getting on a bike!

  16. Are these from a recent court doc dump?

  17. He isn't a generational talent. He is an all-time talent. He is probably a top 3 talent in history.

  18. Who are the only two people better than him?

  19. Big Sexy for one, then the second spot is a bit up for debate

  20. Is him hitting his home run the best material on YouTube?

  21. It’s nuts that Ortiz is in the HOF when Bonds isn’t. If we’re ignoring PEDs, there’s simply no baseball reason.

  22. First couple of seasons: money (other than Craig, who’s the best looking of the bunch IMHO)

  23. Craig was good looking when he had a sweet personality. Take away the personality and ummm it doesn’t leave much lol

  24. Great pt! He had a sort of naive, doe in the woods vibe. Now? Not so much!

  25. Obviously fake, this season’s “rortvedt”?

  26. Why do so many people think this disease isn’t the serious, challenging real/life problem it is? Including doctors. I am so sorry this happened to you.

  27. I know. It makes me so sad and mad that people don’t seem to understand how debilitating it actually is. Someone here once said, you don’t tell a diabetic they don’t need insulin so why not treat mental health with the same urgency and care.

  28. 💯. He’s the press secretary for the Boras machine. And like, it’s not a huge secret, either?

  29. This framing is incredibly helpful - viewing anxious feelings as a liar. Never heard it put this way!

  30. Congratulations!!! What a WONDERFUL achievement. Please take time to experience pride for all of your hard work!

  31. Omg. Which epi? I’ll watch right now. This really Tamps down my crush on her. 😢

  32. I’m sorry, I don’t remember exactly. I think season 5 ep 5? Pulp Friction? The Halloween party one? Either that one or the one after or before it.

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