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  1. “she asked him to make arrangements to change her tire.”

  2. Please read the article. From the news report: "The FOP claims Mink didn’t call the police non-emergency number or AAA, but rather the commander of the entire third district." There are recordings of the commander calling dispatch to release a county crew to fix her tire for her. She apologized, for crying out loud. She wouldn't have anything to "regret" if your version of events was true.

  3. The article was a hack job done without all the information.

  4. Because there is a recording of the 3rd district commander ordering her a tire change.

  5. for those retiring before MRA are you maxing out all your tax deferred and roth accounts for saving?

  6. Yep. My husband and I are full Roth with FI/RE in mind, but we ended up settling on a different strategy. My husband and I probably won't wait around for MRA before we FI/RE. We put his entire GS-15 take home pay and about a quarter of my GS-14 pay into a post-tax investment account and live on the rest of mine for all our expenses.

  7. Of course! I did that for someone when a job posting went up near the holidays last year.

  8. When I saw your headline I thought to myself, "What possible scenario would justify dropping out of his brother's wedding at the last minute?"

  9. Oooh I am so proud I made BOLA!! Can I participate in this thread? I only follow this sub, not LA, but thought it would be good to get some advice.

  10. Welcome! You are the first OOP I've ever seen in BOLA! How are you liking the advice you're getting in LA so far?

  11. By "whistleblower complaint" do you mean you have already suffered retaliation from a manager or supervisor as a result of raising an issue?

  12. curious how long it took? Do IG offices respond faster when the dollar amount is larger? if you opt to receive updates, does the IG follow thru?

  13. I never went to IG specifically, so I don't know. If it's the sort of thing the IG publishes on their reports pages of their web site, you can look up reports on similar issues and see what the dates were for those investigations.

  14. At some point, though, the bride needs to examine her own role in how she ended up marrying such a moron.

  15. I have a very happy marriage and if a girl did that to my husband on the train, I would have taken about four thousand photos and live shared it on socials to show off what a good soul my husband has.

  16. Just curious, how often were you taking the car in for oil changes?

  17. I live near there so I've seen people do that many times. But to catch two, that's like a double rainbow.

  18. Frankly, I felt she should have also been fired for the fight with Camille. As second stew, it was her job to deescalate, not to pop off. She embarrassed herself, and she embarrassed the boat. I would not be surprised if Lee boots her for that behavior alone upon his return. She was also getting a bit mouthy under her breath about Rachel this week. Rachel is definitely off her game, but that behavior is disrespectful of rank, and hints to me that she may be a person who always needs an enemy.

  19. I hear you on the fight. That could be a firing offense for any stew. But I suspect she was using a bit of game theory there. Camille was on a last chance agreement where one more infraction would get her fired, whereas Alissa was a good and reliable worker who had not pushed anyone's buttons. Figuring they can't fire them both mid-season and still deliver five-star service to the next customer, she might have been flexing at Camille that this fight is only going to result in one of them getting axed, and it wasn't her. I am rather pleased her gambit worked, actually.

  20. I have no doubt what you have been through has brought you to a low place, and I bet you are comparing yourself now to where you were before the theft occurred. But from my vantage point, I think you might be too hard on yourself at the moment.

  21. You definitely want to put enough in the 401k each paycheck all year so you get the company match. That is the first priority.

  22. I agree with a comment above that you should take a week away from your home and your job and think about things. You might want to meet with an attorney to discuss the option of a pre nup that guarantees you that your partner's stake in the company becomes a marital asset, and then you two get married so it's yours as well. Your partner could negotiate a clause in the purchase agreement that current investors be offered the chance to invest more if the business needs money before going to outside investors, giving you both a chance to increase your stake in the company over time.

  23. You might want to read John Gottman's Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work, or check out the free info on his web site. He's done extensive research on married couples and specifically studies validation and respect in relationships. I read it early in my marriage so I could learn how to be good to my darling husband and I use its teachings nearly every day.

  24. Not at all. In my office, people disappear for a month in November because they have use or lose leave to burn up. I scheduled a gargantuan (for me) three week cruise and land tour for May because that's a known quiet month at work. I just avoid the parts of the calendar that are busy so people don't pay much attention to the fact that I'm gone.

  25. Everyone in this chat would have treated you with more kindness and compassion than your girlfriend did. That alone should tell you how awful she is. Don't try to win her over- that's just reminiscent of the cycle of abuse you and your mother went through with your father. Just tell her the relationship has run its course and she deserves to be with someone exactly like herself.

  26. Department of Interior has GS-3 and GS-4 positions at National Parks in almost every state (the rangers who check people in at campsites, for example) and many are part time or seasonal if you are interested in exploring that.

  27. Keep in mind Reddit skews young, so a lot of people who FIRE may not be on here.

  28. The daughter said she was posting because her mom left a lot out, but I think the mom described it all pretty accurately, actually. All the daughter's entry convinced me of is that she's going to end up just like her grandmother.

  29. You're making an excellent case for all of us US LegalAdvice fans to move to Australia.

  30. Take that gun back from her immediately. She has no ability to defend herself against him, as she has proven twice already, so she will never use it on him. But he has proven he is more than capable of using it to kill her.

  31. You could totally sample this and make a hot club track. Give that puppy a banana and a record deal.

  32. There might be a three day cancellation window. Or they might be able to transfer your cruise to the one you want to take. They generally want you to be a happy customer, especially because you are a new customer. Call the 1-800 number in the morning and tell them.

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