Man city crowned 2022/23 Premier League champions 🎉🎉🎉

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[Manchester City] are Premier League champions for the third straight season


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  1. This absolutely this. Other than dance of death I don't think they've made a single bad cover in their 16 album run.

  2. That's one way to raise your value from £80M to £90M

  3. Brentford took 6 points against Manchester City this season. Was there even a team that managed to take 4 points against them this season?

  4. Yeah, that checks out. In their five losses, they won and lost one each to Liverpool, Tottenham, Manchester United and lost twice to Brentford.

  5. “Now that they are our neighbors, we need to think about how to live with them in this diversifying society.”

  6. More like Julio Circumciso, he cut them right in the dick

  7. It looks like the ending of Terminator 2: Judgement Gay

  8. I'd hate to wake up tomorrow and be Raheem Sterling

  9. You would hate to wake up with a net worth close to 100 million with a body absolutely jacked? 😎

  10. Those £100M could not get me out from having to salute my former employer.


  12. No comic piss puke shit, nice! You have a standing invitation from me where I cook dinner, buy the snacks and you pick the movie.

  13. She is the reason that Toyota cars have the well deserved reputations of not buckling

  14. if there was a “decent/not bad” option somewhere in the middle i would’ve chose that. i wouldn’t say the cover is awesome but i’m also not thinking it sucks…

  15. This. It's not a bad cover, but it's far from being the "10/10 best cover ever" sentiment I see.

  16. I've not interpreted her as the girl among the siblings - I've interpreted her as the baby girl of the siblings.

  17. I spent half the day looking at them sitting at #4 with +11 and thinking they looked very out of place on that spot.

  18. First time since 2017-18 that the three teams that went up stayed up (Newcastle, Brighton, Huddersfield)

  19. Down went Swansea, Stoke, and West Bromwich, for reference

  20. Really remarkable achievement by him to cobble together their million signings and put together a strong enough squad to comfortably avoid relegation. Plenty of other managers are having great years but his effort shouldn’t be overlooked

  21. This reads like a sarcastic remark, but the key phrase is cobble together. Props to them.

  22. I refuse to say that Arsenal bottled it. I will instead say that Arsenal couldn't see the trees for the Forest.

  23. The Fly - men jag gjorde heller inte mig själv världens bästa tjänst genom att ha varit vaken i 32 timmar när jag såg den.

  24. Kudos to Arsenal. They did better than anything would've thought, they have a lot to learn and hopefully they can repeat this season but with a bigger and better roster.

  25. It would be great for Arsenal to manage a similar thing - a proven routined player with a good pedigree who's been at it for more than a couple of years.

  26. What a great idea to take a penalty while seeing a million stars after that faceplant

  27. Despite Chelsea’s spot in the table, there is hope for the future. Not so sure the same can be said for Spurs.

  28. Pochettino will either show that there are breadcrumbs that can be followed back to the path of success, or that someone has eaten them

  29. I was thinking them winning 2-1 or maybe 3-1 - but 4-0???? THIS IS AMAZING

  30. That guy was taking zero shits. My mates and I even semi-joked that this referee would deliver slaps instead of cards to warn the players.

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