1. Can someone confirm this doesn’t impact our comp pick situation?

  2. With how Star Wars is at the moment, I know for a fact that everyone has considered that Tech isn't really dead... I'm hoping that Jen and Brad break the trend and cement the huge emotional impact and keep things the way they are. It may hurt, but it's good for the story.

  3. The "this is all we found" line really makes me worry that it's gonna be a rug pull

  4. I will never take someone with the first name Kingsley seriously.

  5. Buffalo Bills defensive end Kingsley Johnathan will be very sad to hear that

  6. Please take it; I’d honestly be more entertained at this point

  7. I'm glad 31 fan bases are rooting for us to get in instead of the islanders because at least when Boston bounces us in 4 it'll be fun to watch

  8. Hey hey, we did nothing to you!

  9. to the contrary, watching islanders "hockey" has caused me mental anguish from which I may never recover

  10. Been around the game since 2015 and numerous WG test programs since, and I regret to inform you there always has been a massive disconnect

  11. You’re correct. But our current situation is that UPL is on a one way contract next year, and Comrie is also signed through next year. Neither of them have played well enough to gather trace interest, but one of them can at least leave us competitive in a shootout. UPL is not that.

  12. I mean, Gaijin added the Wiesel 1A4 as an AA

  13. Internet sabres fans reek of never playing a sport at a high level. A team out of the playoffs is not an auto win. OT and shootouts are here to stay so stop crying about them. It just looks bad.

  14. I mean I'm allowed to think shootouts are dumb and also admit that we got our asses absolutely kicked tonight

  15. really disappointing loss. we are much better and seriously outplayed the habs. we didn’t lose because of a dumb penalty call. we lost because we tightened up in the third… again.

  16. usually if a goalie gets a shutout with a day off in between they get the next start. it’s practically hockey law.

  17. on it's own i wouldn't question it especially considering how well Comrie played tonight, but sending out 71 first in the shootout instead of Quinn is an inexcusable move too

  18. According to moneypuck this is a .01xG shot (ie, 1% chance of being a goal)

  19. This is bad enough but made worse by the fact that the Colorado shooter was a Neo-Nazi trying to avoid hate crime charges who immediately dropped the act when said charger were levied

  20. That has never stopped them before, this game has so many dogshit ships.

  21. And Kitakami is the worst of them by far. Every game is an 11v12 if you have a kitakami on your team

  22. Image source is Jordan Hall, a storm chaser who was covering the event and is the source of the drone footage you may have seen recently

  23. Victor looks so pumped for him right after. Love it.

  24. Retire now! Your points per minutes played will be legendary!

  25. If that's what Boosh thinks is best for his family, then it is what it is. All I'm gonna say is that Bobrovsky, who has previously been honored at the Kremlin, made a different decision.

  26. I'd say solo 4-1-6 packages with Milano as the sole LB are more likely unless Spector, Bernard, or Dodson really impress

  27. Nah!!! I have a 1993 BMW 325i and the Triple AAA garage has the parts the next day and typically gets my car back to me that day. Sometimes they have the car for 2 days if the parts come in late afternoon. If you can get parts for a 30 yo Beamer in a day you should be able to get parts for a 2020 Corolla in an hour (there still using the COVID excuse because their lame). I would never take my vehicle to a dealership-they suck, do unauthorized work and try to charge you, absolute rip off!!!

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