1. The first and last are not her colors unfortunately but she’s gorgeous

  2. Tbh, I was hoping for a straight forward music video for this, so I’m a bit disappointed. Maybe there’ll be a shorter edit of just the professional shots without the BTS imagery. (I understand that’s the “meTa pOiNt” but like I just wanted to vibe out for 4 minutes to the song 😔 the video is gorgeous as is Lana, duh. But it takes away from the actual song for me. Not to mention I don’t think the lyrics for the song fit this “storyline” at all. It’s about an abusive relationship and this is not that.

  3. Maybe not overrated but anytime I see someone say kintsugi or fingertips is the best track off ocean Blvd I just don’t believe them

  4. Mother. Mother is mothering. She’s so real. She’s just like me.

  5. Can I trade my Iphone 14 for an Iphone 11? I’m so done with the camera of the Iphone 14. Specially the front camera at night, it sucks.

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