1. Actually, Romania is a second world country. Second world countries were just communist countries during the Cold War, including the satellite countries. Lithuania and Hungary also were also second world.

  2. And they kind of still are. You cannot say romania hungary or Lithuania are 1st world, but you also can't say theyre 3rd world.

  3. Honestly, I would consider the Baltics 1st world. They've seen huge economic growth since the fall of the Berlin Wall, and some even consider Estonia a Nordic country. Maybe Hungary too, considering its GDP per capita is well within the top 25% of the world.

  4. I assume it’s because of the fact she’s the only bird to have also gotten her own spin-off game and series (not counting The Blues).

  5. I don't get these kind of ads. Are they trying to Villain-nise the old look or something?! I see them in ABE Alot too.

  6. Și sa ne pierdem forma de peste? Niciodată!

  7. Eu niciodata nu am fost lamurit, care este gura? Dobrogea sau Judetul Timiş/Arad?

  8. So the more hp the items provide the higher the healing? Got it.

  9. Yes and no. Mastery and Level(blue bar) also massively impact your Healing.

  10. 6 standard anime characters(please dont kill me,im not experienced at all in this general chapter), 1 other guys(same thing,im begging to not downvote me to Obilivion), a PvZ plant, interesting, and The Blues. The 2nd best after Bubbles.

  11. Because they're flatter than a single layer of carbon atoms lying in a singular plane forming an atomically flat sheet

  12. Thats an extremely complicated way to say "Shes got no ass" No offense OP,but i think that's the point of the post.

  13. Also, I can’t be the only person that’s going insane from the royal match adds

  14. Oh yeah. Its actually legit the only fcking ad that plays

  15. Get better posts, this happens all the time. A set completion for example is way better of a post

  16. Thanks for the feedback, I’ll make better posts

  17. I wasnt being rude i was just trying to help you--

  18. Doesnt seem like a good template but alright

  19. If i cant Return to my gender, absolutely not. If i can, such an experience would be epic. But like the former said, if i cant return, im absolutely not dealing with Makeup and Periods, period.

  20. Seeing how we almost got Quintuple the amount of stuff vs what we were Shown at Minecraft Live. I have high hopes

  21. I don’t think that’s too crazy to expect, I would’ve been pretty alarmed if we hadn’t gotten 5x the content

  22. Seeing that not even 5 months ago, we had: The Camel, Hanging Signs, Bamboo Blocks and chiseled Bookshelves,this is a Massive Improvement. Keep it up Mojang!

  23. Nah, asta zic, te duci des prin Chisiau? Pentru ca eu ajung des pe acolo cu munca, si am si amici pe acolo, si pot sa confirm si din experienta proprie, si din experientele lor, ca tocmai tineretul vorbeste mai putina romana decat populatia in varsta. La majoritatea restaurantelor la care m-am dus, a trebuit sa vorbesc engleza cu chelnerii, care de obicei sunt intre 20 si 30 de ani, pentru ca ei nu stiau decat cateva cuvinte in romana.

  24. N-am stiut asta,si ma sperie asta putin sincer

  25. Insfarsit Moldova! Insfarsit ati facut ceva bine! Am avut nevoie de asta azi. (/j prima parte, nu a doua) Bravo!

  26. Looks more like a dick than a face, but looks like a heart most of all.

  27. I cannot unsee the Dick now, thanks and get out /j

  28. Bro isnt that like every single Dorito in a dorito bag? Get better posts.

  29. I know how to do the date glitch and have lucky coins to spend Are there any special steps to go to the class sales or am I missing something?

  30. Well depends if you want the class Upgrade sale, or the Premium class sale.

  31. You got me wrong, i meant that the classic ones are better. I said the Movie Design is worse than the classic one genius

  32. Simply frequently fighting Snor to buy mastery points with coins.

  33. Ohhh sorry i forgot about snors Chest, im only in cave 22 and never been there. Hope to get there soon! Any advice for caves 22 and 23? Theyre the hardest ones where you can still only use 2 birds and 1 extra ally.

  34. The only tip I have is to destroy any yellow hunter drones as soon as possible. Those drones hit like a truck, even when they hit someone other than Chuck.

  35. Oh! I know those fuckers, i remember them from Cave 14. They are in fact a pain in the ass. I knew this already, but thanks anyway.

  36. Honestly Dragon Breath is So damn broken with samurai no joke. I have the ancient set for it, I can literally clear a battlefield in an instant with dragon breath, also Chronos or whatever the clock set for chuck is is pretty broken too, since you have a decent chance of getting another move per turn, and it can repeat each move, so for rainbird that means potential to mass heal and similar, as for the others I am not really sure what to rank them

  37. i cant argue or agree since i dont have any experience with it at all, and its foggy to me what it even does

  38. The dragontooth has the chain attack ability, which in combination of dragon breath which has a 45% chance to do 75% more damage can be godlike with samurai, because you can do 3 hits, which can do chain attacks that can also chain attack, and all have the chance to do much higher damage. The dragon breath ability is quite simple on its own, same with the chain attacks, but mixing it together creates a different breed.

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