1. Most insurance agencies have notaries as do banks. Print out the letter, make sure the car doesn't have any tinted windows and everything on it is up to date.

  2. Also town/city halls, usually right at the front desk or clerks office... UPS stores sometimes charge, and banks and insurance companies sometimes only do it for members/clients.

  3. Old Mountain Field in Wakefield usually has a good fireworks display on the 4th

  4. Panera Sip Club free through 7/4 then $11.99/mo... their coffee isn't bad.

  5. It does, except when you're at the start of your career. Your educational credentials will be the bigger factor. But definitely have a couple different versions of your resume, a startup may value experience (mostly they will want to see some sample code in a github) but larger companies tend to look at only education for entry level positions.

  6. Oh ok that makes sense, I'll do that. Is what I have for deducation enough too? Or should I add anything else?

  7. Yeah, GPA (if it's good enough to share of course) and highlight 2 or 3 courses you took that are relevant to the job you're trying to get

  8. Also physical channel 12 is VHF, while most of the other channels are operating on UHF frequencies these days.. so an "HD Antenna" (really a UHF loop) is going to not do as well as a standard dipole (rabbit ears), and you'll want to direct it properly. Unfortunately it's a bit harder to find the proper direction with digital TV.

  9. I may not have been clear in my comments. I was getting channel 64 for years, just fine. I made no change to my equipment or settings, and a few weeks ago, stopped getting channel 64. There was no change in the reception of any other channels.

  10. That's true Channel 12 is still VHF. The only other thing I can think of is have you added or changed any devices or equipment that might cause interference? Appliances, computers, air conditioners or heaters, streaming devices, wireless cameras, doorbells, google/alexa assistants, battery chargers, etc.

  11. Watch some of Judge Caprio's "Caught in Providence" YouTube videos...

  12. I don't have anything newer than Wii, and I still use it regularly along with my Sega Dreamcast

  13. Dump Verizon television service. It’s a relic of the past. Get YouTube TV if you must have live TV.

  14. I hear ya... I don't mind paying for the Fios boxes and dvr so I can just channel surf on the tvs i want.... I don't want to have to think about what I'm watching before I sit down, but I do like to switch between channels, rewinding to see what I've missed and skipping some commercials in the process. I think that's what makes services like Pluto TV so popular, brings channel surfing to the streaming boxes. Idk, might be a Gen X thing.

  15. Weird. Was the advertisement for something local or a national brand? I've only seen it happen with Samsung smart TVs, they can insert their own ads when it "thinks" your cable box is showing an ad.

  16. I think national ads... to be honest, I can't recall what the commercials were for... was too busy trying to figure out what had taken over.

  17. That 4-Runner is old enough to drink. That's great! How many miles?

  18. This is pretty great... I'm ADHD and a .NET guy myself, would love to see how you architected it, if you should choose to open source it :)

  19. That's a neat idea. I met a few guys in Lebanon, Maine who were from Lebanon the country. I can't remember if they were going to every town named Lebanon in the world or just the Lebanon's who still had a cedar tree gifted from the country. Either way they seemed to have a great time exploring the world. They were in town the same times as a trucks gone wild party and made a bunch of friends immediately.

  20. Fun fact Lebanon, CT is only about 5 minutes from Norwich, CT

  21. Not a "public" building per se, but the lobby of IGT in Providence has one... they'd probably allow you to get a photo

  22. That is true, you can be doing 70 in a 55 and a RISP goes by you like nothings happening, or not enforcing traffic signal laws etc.

  23. 75. A state cop, who I do not know but was in line for coffee with me and was giving advice to someone else, said flat out they do not pull over for <75mph on any highway.

  24. The whole plate has a blue tint that doesn't contrast well with the blue in the wave, so it's hard to even see the wave. It's just...ok.

  25. The one on Mineral Spring? Or the one across the street on Mineral Spring? Or the one down the street on Mineral Spring?

  26. PSA: If you don't "know a guy" and you can't get to Westerly to go to Ritacco's Market or Westerly Packing, there are a couple places that will ship soupy. Dippers (

  27. So I did a quick map of the West Warwick/Coventry "Dollar Tour"

  28. if you go the opposite direction, you end up pretty close to the Dollar Tree in the Target plaza on Bald Hill Rd. too :)

  29. I often see trash blowing out of the back of trash trucks. If only the companies would be forced to pay for the inadvertent littering.

  30. Which would make them a more expensive option. Which would make them less competitive in the market and open an opportunity for another company that could haul trash more cleanly and this more cheaply.

  31. Having had to look into trash haulers for a condo complex, I'm not sure any of them would change the way they do things just to not pay the fines... they'd probably gripe about it and raise prices together in solidarity. And get their union to sue the state about being treated unfairly.

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