1. Ask her if she's angry. Then put a towel over her shoulder like a cape and say: now your super angry

  2. Lyman, very rpobably the 48C as my learned colleague suggested.

  3. Thanks. This one is seized up a little so I wanted to make sure I knew how it was supposed to work before I started oiling and wrenching!!

  4. Thanks, the lack of the Lyman label threw me off but maybe it was an earlyish version.

  5. If you can find a link to the article I talked bout online its goes into a lot of depth. However its also listed in the CMP safety manual that's included with every new rile. I cant speak on powder burn rates as this isn't something I've heard of. I think the biggest misconception is modern ammo is somehow hotter than standard M2 ball, which it isn't. S&B makes a 150 grain M2 ball reproduction I've used for some time with awesome results considering surplus spam cans are hard to find and way more expensive. You could also just call or email the CMP and ask them.

  6. The seventeen emails about them got you, huh?

  7. It's got me interested. I don't need another parts kit in the shelf, still trying to finish a 1919 BMG ...but I've never regretted buying a parts kits (only the other way around... looking at you $450 stamped Yugo M72 kits from GPC)

  8. check the cetme posts from about a week ago, i linked 2 build tutorial videos.

  9. Came here to say this. I build a unistrut jig first but had more consistent results with the 3d printed one.

  10. Mk3s printed great for the last 3 years or so, before and after the enclosure build. I moved it for a construction project and when I moved it back I recalibrated it and it hasn't printed right since. I had time today so I recleaned the sheet, recalibrated, dailed in a new z height offset and this was the best I could get.

  11. If the prices are nearly the same, sounds like the Eddystone is in better condition. Buy a gauge or use a shim (of material of known thickness) with a known spec cartridge and verify the chamber isn't out of "field spec" headspace and you should be good for several thousand rounds if you take care of it. This can be easily done on both rifles before you buy either.

  12. boom brake - rigged under the boom when running before the wind so if you accidently gybe the boom doesnt slam across the boat.

  13. It’s a Hunter though. Can they sail at a deep enough angle to even require one?

  14. A definite con with the B&R rig, though I've had her on some very deep reaches. Eitherway you gotta gybe at some point? This boat was pretty well setup for single handing and I assume the PO used this to simplify gybes.

  15. Thanks!! I've rigged preventer in all my previous sailing so this was a new take on it. Love learning!! Owning had definitely been a crash coarse....er figuratively only for the moment at least!!

  16. This was one of the first projects I ever did. The hardest part for me was finding the heat shield/bayonet mount and the solid plug. Sounds like your half way there!!

  17. The Bayonet Lug/Heat Shield I bought a new reproduction (was $160). The Magazine plug with the stud on it is used from another supplier.

  18. Good luck and post pictures when you're done. I liked my trench gun fake so much I bought two more 1897s and use them as trap and field guns routinely.

  19. Indianapolis ordnance is where I got my S/A bolt kit and I think the S/A diameter tube and barrel extension.

  20. 30-30 still a popular hunting round in the Southeast US

  21. Remington made the accelerators that basically did this - although they accomplished it in a different way (sabots). I think they got poor accuracy if I remember what I read correctly. I never used them.

  22. Liveaboard is at a dock Cruiser is on anchor

  23. Just put your anchor down at the dock? It'll confuse everyone: your marina, your dock neighbor, your insurance company.... Then you're Scott free?

  24. I have those and might try them at least to seat bullets, but looking for a set of the actual .458 x 2 dies (which is a straight walled cartridge.

  25. Thanks, this very well might be the situation. Good read/resource on leather preservation. I'm not sure what was done prior to me getting it, but maybe I am making it worse. It really was a shame how poor the condition was but it was part of a lot and I basically paid little for it so I was hoping to get some use out of it.

  26. Can you setup a trust with all your firearms, then after establishing the trust, make your parents additional trustees, store all the firearms in a safe at the new trustees house?

  27. Found the Penal Code that applies. It’s all the way at the very bottom.

  28. Thanks, this part seems cut and dry. I'm definitely only here temporarily and don't plan to be discharged in the state.

  29. https://gunmagwarehouse.com/metalform-standard-1911-government-commander-45-acp-cold-rolled-steel-removable-base-round-follower-7-round-magazine.html

  30. JM4 tactical relic series. Just got one for my P99. Great fit. They sell AIWB and OWB. I also think you can get a drop leg setup from them as well.

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