1. PTA, triumph, alacrity, Coup 2nd: Domi, taste, relentless

  2. I wouldn’t tell my parents if I got a speeding ticket?

  3. I like Fiora, Irelia, Darius, and Camille when I don’t play her. (For top)

  4. Saving 500k elixir from each attack, super nice

  5. Irelia isn’t scary anymore. One of my favorite matchups.

  6. Everyone I have interest in is taken and then they just become my best friend and I lose interest

  7. I’ve seen people pull off military pants quite well. Have the deepest pockets of anything I’ve worn

  8. I had family push me to see my grandfather before he passed. I refused. I adored him but his mind was gone, he wouldn't have known who I was anyway and I didn't want my memories tainted by the sight of him so sickly and frail.

  9. Thank you so much. This is honestly what I needed and I didn’t know how to put it. I will have to explain it like that 💛

  10. You can’t. Most tops can’t really 1v9

  11. I like warden, but have just realized I need to take my time autoing with her. Can easily lane with Lucian and get 9cs/m while also being very aggressive, but with her I cancel quite a few autos trying to do the same thing.

  12. Depends on what using it for , mouse and keyboard usb no but for video like a 2nd monitor 100% and tbh we’re not even sure of a safe brand cause how often it happens

  13. Trying to run a monitor, KB/mouse

  14. Thank you. Sad they don’t always work

  15. Make sure you have drivers installed and have integrated graphics disabled or set as secondary

  16. That was the issue. Thank you so much. Driver was well over a version old

  17. I genuinely like good coffee and espresso, but I like them black. When I get Starbucks I get something heavily flavored because the coffee itself is pretty average. A lot of people I guess try to fit in and enjoy the idea of drinking coffee, but never really have the opportunity to experiment outside of what is locally available.

  18. Not gay, but Bi and Trans, explain to him that you are always going to be there for him and to talk to you if he needs anything. Plus, I would stop having him go to church or at least that church.

  19. Sulfuric acid in 7th grade. We were doing a lab and I was paid $10 to smell it and it made my nose burn for a while.

  20. Yes. I’m 18 and make 17-40/hr depending on tips and even slower weeks I still am pulling 600-1200

  21. Disclaimer..I don't work for DMV, and I wasn't a registration expert, so whatever I say needs to be verified by DMV. Are you trying to register the car in California? If that's what you want to do, there are a couple of things to consider: 1. California DMV needs to verify the VIN number. Verification can be done by a peace officer, but I don't believe the peace officer needs to be a California police officer. 2. When the car enters California I know it will need to be smogged, but I think there's a way out of it until the car enters the state. In any event, if that's what you are wanting to do, contact

  22. I would be trying to register it in NY, since I wasn’t sure CA has online registration. And driving 3k miles a year would be ridiculous. Thank you!

  23. Depends on the order and how far it is. I’ve taken a $200 order with $35 tip, and it was pretty far. Then I took one last night that gave a 100% tip and was pretty close.

  24. Are you involved in those sort of things? As in drugs, alcohol, and her social life? It could just be that, as humans are prone to do, she might just be speaking about those things with people she knows have similar interests and experiences. I have had some experience with this myself, as I am quite introverted. What I try to do, is try and find out more about what my friends are interested in by asking non-invasive questions, or asking to come along to group meetups. If she does mention something you are unfamiliar with, do some research, and find out if it is something you are open to being involved in. It could just be that she doesn’t know you want to know about those things, and you showing interest might be a pleasant surprise for her :))

  25. Thank you so much! No, I am not involved in her activities, and have not been invited. However I haven’t asked or tried talking about it with her. I will definitely try asking if I can join, next time I hear about something. We are planning on getting food, so I will make it my goal to ask.

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