1. Nah, My favorite is the guy called Owl City, but I think his real name is Port Blue

  2. Oh my I just heard it, It's gonna be my favorite of the singles by far, I can already tell

  3. ayo, didn't know my favorite decal "none" was so popular!

  4. Great to see memory still doing well. Such longevity at the top level even while never really being a star player

  5. I agree Caard holds his own but Caio looked very shaky in the latter half of his time at Furia. as opposed to Torment. Who is Imo the weakest member of V1 has been instrumental in winning a number of series. I can’t say the same about Caio, certainly not recently.

  6. Personally I think caio has been better recently than say a year ago

  7. Well obviously he’s improved, but in comparison to the competition he’s not as close to the top as he was before.

  8. Nah I meant in comparison to the competition. Yeah he might have own goaled but I was surprised how much his mechanics improved last split tbh, cause before that he was starting to fall behind a little bit in mechanics imo. I thought he looked a lot more dangerous with solo plays recently, but we can just agree to disagree

  9. Adam, check please seems like the most interesting song from the three so I can’t wait to hear it

  10. Based on the livestream preview I think that could be my favorite song of his since ultraviolet

  11. This was a good read! I literally know nothing about bubble players outside of 1v1 so this is pretty informative stuff right here

  12. He actually used to be a promising 1s player at one point as well. I think that was around 2018-19

  13. Turbo is literally outside the bubble. Didn't even make a single regional even with zineel

  14. The bubble stretches outside rlcs as well

  15. A clear downgrade for rise imo, idk why he would make this move (ignore my flairs, theyre old)

  16. They have never missed a lan and youre calling for a roster change, trading away their best player? Okay..

  17. Their best player is clearly Trk and it's not even close.

  18. Not true at all. I'd definitely say its very close but ahmad slightly edges him out

  19. What disrespects your opponent more: saying GG early or playing another game entirely beforehand and not taking the 1v1 seriously in the first place?

  20. Cause I wanna state my opinion instead? How is playing another game beforehand disrespectful at all? Could be a way to de-stress before a game.

  21. Why change that when you had a better team before?

  22. Vitality is soon to change dimension with zen coming in.

  23. People have way too high expectations of zen

  24. He's legitemately EU Dan/Furstkiller I just don't see him flop at worst he'll have a slow start but that's as far as it goes to me.

  25. I agree he probably will be good, but a lot of people seem to think that he will instantly make vitality one of the top eu teams, which I think is way overhyping a player with no previous rlcs experience. Rlcs is a whole different beast than any other tournament in terms of pressure.

  26. Not as good as moist on paper though, which is why this seems very questionable

  27. Acronik is so underrated. He's the only one on that team willing to play defense on less than 50 boost lol.

  28. Yeah, and his mechs are no worse than the other liquid players either

  29. Belgium player from way back who did some showmatches on JB channel

  30. I think youre mixing him up with impact, another belgian player who used to play for team echo zulu

  31. This might be the second easiest one of these of all time.

  32. Bmode ajg and atow is way more solid imo. Comm is inconsistent and kiileerz hasnt qualified for a lan

  33. Jesus, what a game 7 from noly and chronic

  34. Was the same that series though, dig blew vitality away and aztral scored banger after banger (including a 0 second triple tap flip reset which is bonkers for pre rlcsx)

  35. That shot is up there with deevo's backboard dish for being the shot most ahead of its time imo

  36. I gotchu. Just have James Cheese play a Best of 69 against the top seed from EU 3 times a year and call that the majors. Everything else would just be filler anyway.

  37. Imo the whole seasons should just be medal ceremonies for james cheese. Why play rocket league when everyone already knows who would win?

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