1. Also, you can legit just search this put on google, you even have a name for what it was! A lot of time thats half the battle.

  2. Yeah this is definitely one of the more easily marked of my recent finds which is why I started with it. Just wasn't sure how precise of an answer Google might have for me

  3. Screw top bitters probably 1920’s-40’s . Not a whole lot of value, maybe a buck or so to the right person.

  4. Ohio Brass bells off an old transmission line.

  5. No idea on value. Looks to have a patent date of 11/19/19 (1919 not 2019). Anytime from then on to about the 50s.

  6. Awesome, thanks! That would seem to make sense as from what I know of the area there was an old military outpost and POW camp around the time of WWII and a mine nearby shortly after.

  7. I have found many bottles in the bush recently and will post individually for more info as they are cleaned up. Any recommendations for cleaning up the really dirty ones with lost of mud, moss, and fungi growing in them?

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