1. He sooo lost his cool factor! What was he thinking?! He had so much momentum from dating starlets!! He should have just stayed single & shot his new projects. Instead this circus 🤡

  2. I have to agree with that statement, as a Pete stan, but I feel like he and his team knows this so the next girl he’ll be spotted with will be a Hollywood starlet and his cool factor will work again

  3. This was definitely planted by the KJ’s. Didn’t someone call it that they were going to paint Pete as having mental health issues? Next article will be about addiction or something…all to divert attention away from Kim getting dumped and ghosted.

  4. If that’s the case, doesn’t this mean that the kardashians are still supporting Pete in the media and this makes him the victim(which works in his favor) while Kanye as the villain?

  5. Or, just maybe, she doesn’t want to show her baby right now? Like I don’t get the fascination of wanting to see her baby when she’s clearly is not comfortable letting the world know what her baby looks like right now

  6. I think Pete’s team are beginning to send articles now. They let kim and her team do it first, just my opinion.

  7. The Instagram account, glorified gossip girl, told me that one of Pete’s team told her. It was Dave Sirus

  8. So you got official confirmation about the breakup?

  9. Yes they officially broke up and there was no drama. I don’t know much else other than the fact that Pete is currently doing very well and they split amicably

  10. Interesting that this article and dailymail mention that kim will “protect Pete”, as if she knows that she can’t afford to have Pete to have a mental breakdown or anything. We can’t have another Ariana situation, I would hate that for both parties

  11. Or maybe she just actually cares about him and they broke up because they didn't work out lol

  12. I would rather her publicly support Pete or say something on her Instagram than reading it from an article by her “sources”. There are too many sources about this breakup that it’s getting ridiculous

  13. I don’t believe this, seems like a hit piece on Pete. Plus this is from an unreliable source, radar online

  14. when is this coming out? i feel like it would be a long time because they havent filmed yet?

  15. It’s coming out next year. The full casts haven’t even been announced yet, we only know who is playing his mother but not his sister, friends, and potential girlfriends as of yet

  16. 2 reasons I can think of: kim/her “sources” bashing or saying false things about Pete will only backfire and Lorne is most likely telling the media to back off

  17. Yes anything bad about Pete obviously backfires on Kim because she's been dating him for nine months so suddenly he can't become a junkie, asshole, immature but all this silence is really weird even if Lorne told press to back off, would the press really let himself be ruled by him? He is certainly very powerful in his circles but he is also powerful with the press, more than the Kardashians?

  18. Yes Lorne is that powerful. You may not know this but he’s been in the industry since the 70s. Let’s also not forget that kim might be aware of the fact if Pete becomes suicidal because of the online bullying or anything like that, kim will most likely be blamed for that due to her media bashing and Lorne will be extremely pissed. Just my opinion

  19. So are we going to have a situation in which kim send out hit pieces to the media about Pete and Kanye troll Pete while he stays silent throughout all of this? Until Pete does another stand up or something roasting both of them

  20. I find that hilarious when it’s been Pete who flys to LA to see kim like 95% of the time. If anything, he should be “exhausted”

  21. I have know way of knowing but he’s also not talking to my friends at all some haven’t heard from him in over a week. This Kris thing happened a month ago. It was for a network deal.

  22. Oh ok, thanks for replying. Is it possible, in your opinion, that he broke up with her but kim will try to act like she broke up with him? I also wonder if we will see Pete with a new girl soon once he’s back in America

  23. I truly think she got dumped. I also didn’t expect them to go ahead and plant a story in dm that he was too immature bc that math ain’t mathing…he’s been the same age the entire time…

  24. Yea that story was ridiculous, like you knew what he was like before dating him 😂. Very interested to see what is going to happen once Pete is done filming, which is supposed to happen this week and lands back to America. I expect paparazzi to be all over him

  25. Trust me, he’ll be spotted with another woman once he comes back to America within the next two weeks

  26. Please don’t roast me but why do people type “whyte” instead of white I’ve been seeing that a lot lately lol

  27. This is what I heard from the other sub: if you say the phrases “white men” “white people “white dudes”; the post will automatically get flagged and taken down by Reddit. Same with Instagram, Facebook and tiktok.. which is why people use the term “yt” or “whyte” to get around it on the internet when speaking about white people

  28. I heard that there are plans for Pete to be in a talk show in the future, so perhaps he has some powerful backers that believe in his ability to pull this off and they are prepping him for it. So I guess that’s why his image is protected.

  29. He is backed by Lorne, very powerful in the industry. It will be a similar path like Jimmy Fallon, who is a SNL alum just like Pete is now.

  30. i got it from a post on LSA but most blinds come from a site called crazy days and nights.

  31. Can you send me the link from LSA, trying to read it myself? Or tell me what to type there

  32. Unfortunately if Pete dates Olivia, he will face backlash the same way he did for dating Kaia even more so. Hell, in the past Olivia rodrigo has publicly stated that Pete is her celebrity crush so it’s possible but I hope not

  33. Aside from the girlfriend(didn’t say her name directly but we all knew who it was) comment from that PEOPLE interview back in February before Valentine‘s day, he never mentioned her name. He mentioned Kanye’s name in his recent standup about the relationship but never talked about his feelings about her

  34. There’s speculation that MGK is secretly spiraling out of control while he’s on tour. The blind suggest that Pete wanted to come back to America, using kim’s plane, to help him out. It would’ve been a similar situation to when MGK flew to New York to see Pete during the post-Ariana situation(he was suicidal at that time and it was really bad)

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