1. AMC will touch $3 before it springs. IMO. When it gets to the 3’s, I will be a XXX,XXX holder. There’s 20B shares out there, we all know it.

  2. I’m fairly certain my perpferlio cannot support that

  3. It’s not really a dividend it’s a spin off split

  4. Is there any way to prove that we are 4.5 million investors

  5. There are not 4.5 Million AMC shareholders lol

  6. Definitely feel like the Bears winning here

  7. It is frustrating hearing people say "AA isn't doing anything" when APE was a very probable reason SBF/FTX went bankrupt and got exposed.

  8. The marine had a good video. I believe the thoughts on Adam auron have become very political. 1. He didn’t have to do the estate that was strike one for me. 2. Management not buying any shares just selling. And I understand they don’t have the cash to actually buy their stock back, but this is going to such an extent that I think a letter should be written to the AMC management. Ape hasn’t been proven that it’s working. Now I understand that they’re trying to kill it because that’s how AMC can raise capital. I’ve been loading up on ape just because it’s so freaking cheap. However, I am very dissatisfied with the fact that we’ve dropped from seven bucks all the way down to what is this $.79 I’m still holding now before I get called a Shell and that shit needs to stop guys. We need unity at this moment. I don’t consider myself an ape I’m a investor. I understand they are naked shorting the shit out of us. They’re pinning it with put options and all this bullshit but we can do more I feel.

  9. Paper hand? More like I am poor hand right now. 2000 a share sounds good to me

  10. Any lawyers in our 4 million investors can we sue them

  11. The only thing that changes I have exponentially gonna poorer. I continue to huddle fuck these guys.

  12. One is a Fud article from seeking alpha

  13. Oh, I know I’m getting fucked over here

  14. Do you think we will get above 10? For avatar

  15. Not gonna have much of an investment at this rate lol

  16. Looks like I’m not gonna see profit anytime soon man what happen

  17. These memes are no longer giving me strength

  18. Ape needs to be back at 7 and amc at 16

  19. I am starting to think this won’t run

  20. I will expect our stock to drop to 1 dollar 💵 on this good news as good news = pain with owning this stock

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