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He do be dancing though

  1. Lmao, I know man, just wanted to complain 😂& nice job using percents, it makes it seems better but in reality it’s up a couple of dollars & down a ton (since inception)

  2. First trading price post SPAC was at ~$21, I was in IPOE SPAC at various prices 11, 16, 14, 18 etc, post SPAC my friend we are DOWN, & my reaction is mostly related to the administration playing games hurting SOFI investors in the Short term. I’m also knee deep in SOFI (more than I can chew), so a little sentimental at policies hurting shareholders.

  3. Definitely, on the IPOE they were much higher, but inception is at $10 though, same as all other SPACs.

  4. I will sell my original sum after 5x, meaning at a bit under $35.

  5. Yeah, not at Tuesday though, I didn't expect $7 even today though. I'd suggest to be careful.

  6. Thank you. I lowered my expectations, and they were thoroughly surpassed today!

  7. My expectation was lower than 10% move. 😅 It is important to be grounded though, I think this move is move psychological than fundamental.

  8. I don't care. Some stocks I am completely long and won't sell even if they 2x or 3x. Others I might change my mind about. I bought Meta at like 99 or 98 and sold after about 20% move up. I missed out on a lot of gain but I've made some money so I don't care. I put some money in NCLH too when it was at around $11, sold after 30% because it felt stupid to me. It moved up slightly more and then tanked back to 11. I didn't feel comfortable buying it again ahead of what I thought would be difficult period (this year) for travel, and it is up to 14 now. At the same time, I sold ADI twice over the last 3 months, both near ATHs 1/3 of the position each time. It dropped 8% last week after the earnings report (I planned to sell more the day before the ER but my brother had a wedding and I forgot about it). Sometimes you get it perfect and sometimes you miss out more gains. Nothing to trouble myself about.

  9. They need to withdraw their student loan litigation right away - hopefully, we can get out of it with just a small PR scratch (the SCOTUS case doesn't involve them).

  10. They shouldn't withdraw anything until this deal is signed and the end of the moratorium is in it.

  11. It isn't bullish, they will look for every possible way to help borrowers, including dig through everything to try and extend again.

  12. How much interest are you paying for that overused balance? I'll donate you 10 cents to help you with the debt you got yourself into.

  13. Good luck to the police and jail with taking her phone.

  14. Do you need a direct deposit of a specific amount to qualify? I remember reading somewhere that it has to be 5k in 25 days but I don’t know if I read that correctly

  15. There are 3 different things. For the APY you only need direct deposit, even of $1 every month. For the no fee overdraft protection you need at least $1k direct deposit every month. For the larger sign up bonus you need $5k in 25 days or so (I think it was $250 bonus or something).

  16. 100% a solvency issue. They are trying to tie up customer funds for as long as possible

  17. Yes dumbass, that is why they sometimes force transfer those funds to the account's linked banks if they deem it too fraudulent.. Because they have insolvency issues..

  18. No retard, literally all these regional and fintech banks are having issues ALL at the same time. I know your retarded, but try to read between the lines

  19. I believe at least 3 ahead of us are folded or almost folded…

  20. First Republic Bank is still the 14th largest on the list.

  21. Did they not fold or go down majorly after Q1 end?

  22. Took them a bit of time to go down after they reported after the quarter ended.

  23. Shorting stocks can't make the company go bankrupt.

  24. Sure it can, When a stock price is depressed a lot, it can make it impossible for a company to meet debt obligations and not be able to raise capital through debt/stock offerings.

  25. Both your points are the exact same, making an offering. A company with sound financials wouldn't need such a thing and if that is their last resort then you should have been out before that.

  26. Pointless investigation. They are regulated by so many regulators and literally just got audited in Q4.

  27. At which point in this roadmap do you learn to center divs?

  28. Some people here have been saying SoFi has had a data breach, because there were few cases of fraud calls with information of their last few transactions.

  29. The first one is not a bug unless it was sent as plain text over the internet, and not in HTTPS either.

  30. Are there any other banks that don’t do HFI of this size? I don’t know why we make more money holding the loans mantra would change even if interest rates fell. Maybe saying this might also be a negotiating tatic but to me the simple thing would be HFI especially if we are getting all these deposits

  31. Yeah you can def change from HFS to HFI but not Vice versa. If sofi thinks holding loans are more beneficial why don’t they just change to HFI.

  32. Because for HFI the hold duration matters. HFI is also known as "Held to Maturity" and while holding for longer is more beneficial, holding to maturity isn't their plan.

  33. Maybe not, but they're still in the red and have more loans than deposits on their balance sheet.

  34. What red? Also, having more loans than deposits doesn't matter when you use your own capital to fund loans, this is what capital ratios exist for, it is insignificant.

  35. Whether this is a trash analyst or not the above average volume tells me institutions are selling. Not just retail. When Truist called it the bank of the future on 5/12 price action and volume didn’t react.

  36. Or the market doesn't understand what SoFi is exactly so anything tiny rocks the base.

  37. Good info, I could only find info showing 768 million cash on hand.

  38. Thanks for this info, this makes more sense. I've always said I really like SoFi and have great respect for Noto.

  39. No worries, some companies report the comparable period on the left side and some report it on the right side of the current period. I've looked at the wrong columns in other companies sometimes as well. Should always look at the column title since the company itself might also decide to change the order.

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