1. Cool trailer, happy for the Lars fans, honestly.

  2. the 4th picture is one of the best pictures I've ever seen, super cool!

  3. Thanks, I wish I had some captures with a bit more movement in them, but doing that is significantly harder!

  4. Wish there was a better quality picture. But goddamn, that's a FINE piece of art you've made.

  5. I know only one Shaheen main, had hundreds of matches with him. Seen him play this dull waste of pixels maybe once or twice. Always picks someone else lol.

  6. Now watch Paul evading nerfs like he evades attacks in the game...

  7. lmao literally had that convo with a friend who uses Drag as a 2nd/3rd pick.

  8. People are different I guess. My family's history with Russia is not a pretty one, but lately I've been playing pretty much Drag exclusively. It's just a game, doesn't bother me at all.

  9. Drag literally just does super boring, drawn out back 1+2 lmao

  10. Yes, but he stares straight into your soul and goes "hhraaaaaaah"

  11. I'll have a good laugh when this muppet doesn't make it into T8.

  12. At least limit the wall carry. Now with every character it's launch -> wall -> mixup -> death.

  13. Very much looking forward to the culling of Feng population. Coming across way too many these days...I wonder why lol.

  14. Feng has always been solid. Just recent tourneys made him popular

  15. Yep, that and the nerfing of many top tiers have made him even a better choice.

  16. I'd just like to point out that composers rarely get to decide what kind of music gets put into the game. Don't know how the process went at 343, but the soundtracks of H4&5 sounded to me like a conscious decision to move away from Marty's sound (who, as I remember, had pretty much free reign over all things music since he was also the audio director for Bungie) towards more generic "epic orchestra" style of composing.

  17. I went to see this (what a waste of money), and the only fond memory I have of this movie is this guy sitting next to me audibly moaning "Fucking come on, are you serious" towards the end of this trash heap.

  18. Got a message from a Paul player saying AK's "unblockable shoulder" was busted. Mf really didn't know Deathfist is unsafe

  19. Fucking hilarious considering Paul's shoulder literally teleports him anywhere he needs to be.

  20. I swear ranked online is wild, there are green ranks out there playing like gods, meanwhile I've met purple ranks that barely knew what they are doing kek

  21. I got my Fujin promo from a Nina who didn't know how to punish anything. Was a bit sad tbh...

  22. I hate that we can't customize backgrounds on ps5

  23. I've watched this shit happen so many, many, many times, yet it always gets me. Why are we being punished like this? :(

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