1. I think the writing is closer to the movie "The Room." Its bad but meant to be bad, and shapes up at the end extremely well.

  2. This has started to become an issue I noticed where Japanese developers are asking American translators to stop taking certain liberties with their translations. Some make narrative changes they feel are better, others are trying to make the game more "PC" and it is starting to annoy Japanese developers.

  3. And understandably, I'd say. For example, in SOP there was a piece of mission briefing that had a clear reference to something that Jack said earlier in the subtitles. But none of that was said by the VA, the dialogue and that piece of information became irrelevant. It's rather confusing, without mentioning the fact that if you understand english quite well and read something totally different in the subtitles AT THE SAME TIME your brain goes nuts

  4. Yeah, later expansions have entire sections of you playing as other people.

  5. It’s one of my favourite parts of the msq and yes it does happen a few times. I love getting to see what their abilities are, it kinda reminds me of that heroes and villains mode from the og Battlefront 2.

  6. I think that was what was missing until now. Maybe there was one before that moment but I can't really remember. I love it

  7. You don't get to summon Ranni and touch the statue. It's one or the other. Summoning Ranni triggers her ending. The credits roll after her cutscene. If you want the other endings then it's time to jump into NG+. Go to the Roundtable Hold and interact with the site of grace and you'll see an option to "Begin Journey 2".

  8. Not to me bro. If you say so it must have been a bug. I saw the cutscene of Ranni's ending, than I was there again, in the arena, with the option to touch Fractured Marika. To be fair, most of the sounds disappeared, but I thought it was a design choice

  9. Touch it, see if you can get a second ending.

  10. I can't sadly. It won't let me teleport back there

  11. I know I'm two months late, but apparently we are the only ones on the internet that experienced this thing. I'm positive we got the chance to get TWO endings on the first playthrough and be some kind of legends but no, we decided to teleport back and we blew our chance 🙈 I got no credits as well btw, no one believed me. I'm amazed this bug hasn't been fixed yet. I felt like I didn't finish the game at all

  12. Sì ti conviene! Io non uso spade, ma la Carian ha un bell’attacco pesante. Ah beh poi ovviamente divertiti con lo Spadone Reale e le armi normali infuse “a freddo” xD

  13. Guarda, uso parecchio la Moonlight, e vorrei farla la mia main. Però proverò lo Spadone Reale, l'abilità unica sembra fighissima o_o

  14. AH allora aspetta! Ti conviene provare 30 forza / 30 destrezza/ 60 intelligenza se usi la darkmoon! O almeno (per essere più flessibili) 40/30/50. 30 a destrezza serve più che altro per la velocità degli incantesimi. Lo Spadone Reale comunque fa più danno magico che da forza mi pare.

  15. Ho ancora 8 larve, provo robe finché non mi esce qualcosa di decente XD Più che altro vorrei tenere la spada cariana per non pesare troppo sull'equipaggiamento, visto che spesso e veolentieri uso armature pesanti

  16. You aren’t forced into ng+ upon killing the final boss. You’re just locked out of any quests you haven’t finished. Plus like everyone else said you’re only about 50% done

  17. Thanks, the ng+ thing was another thing that I wanted to know. I was afraid it was like DS or Bloodborne

  18. Can we ban posts like this already? Play the fucking game instead of going on this god-forsaken website. This mentality is the reason games sucks, no one wants to just play and have fun.

  19. I didn't know what's the island called, you retarded mudafukka

  20. Please make sure Cross-Region Play is set to "Perform Matchmaking" for both of you so it would appear for both of you..

  21. To me it is activated, still I cannot see any sing

  22. if it's activated for both of you, you should be able to see summon signs. If it still doesn't show up. you can try resting at a grace or resetting the game so it reconnects to the game server, then use the remedy (it doesn't get consumed unless you successfully summoned another player don't worry) If still nothing, go to your PS Network settings and check your Internet Connection. If the Connection Type is NAT Type 3, then there is our answer why. Type 3 heavily restricts coop play, and we can only play if both players are using NAT Type 1 or 2

  23. I was hoping to defeat the boss and go to sleep, it's kinda late where I am lol I'll do it another time, sorry guys and thank to both of you anyway ☺️

  24. For radahn? Or misbegotten beast and crucible knight?

  25. Didn't know about this thread, thank you!

  26. Sorry, I might not be home for that time. But thanks anyway :)

  27. It can be repetitive and I’m guilty of skipping the cutscenes as well, but the combat can be fun at times.

  28. Don't be guilty. It's totally fair, especially for those useless bond events

  29. Dude, the bond events literally expand your teammate’s ability share ?????? I mean yeah the cutscenes are kinda wack sometimes but they’re definitely not useless to the game.

  30. My bad, I meant storywise for me they suck

  31. I think so, but I wouldn’t rush through. Not worth it

  32. I don't really care about exploring for cosmetics, honestly

  33. Like most modern games there’s too many cut scenes and useless tedious dialog instead of gameplay.

  34. Thank you! You exactly see what is the problem. I'm playing Earthbound Beginnings these days, a game from 1989 for SNES! And it's still more entertaining that lots of games I've played recently (Dragon Quest XI, Scarlet Nexus, Ni No Kuni 2 ecc...)

  35. Congrats! I hope you enjoy it more than I did 🙈 I found it hard to continue after the first half: too many dialogues, useless nonetheless, most of the time. I finished only one side of the story (Yuito) and I don't have the energy nor the time to do the other one as well. But I really hope you like it, cause the combat system is fast and fun

  36. Nope, and I don't think I ever will. As you said, watching all those cutscenes (useless cutscenes, sometimes) was exahusting! It's a shame cause I really liked the game for about a huge half, combat, story and all, but it should have lasted ay least 10 hours less. I skipped some bond cutscenes as well during the 11th phase cause I couldn't stand them anymore.

  37. Talking about resolution and performance on PS4, they are literally the worst thing I've seen in my gamer life, even worse than Xenoblade Chronicles on Switch! Gameplay is fluid and smooth, graphics are ok, but my eyes constantly hurt and sometimes you don't even get what you are doing cause the screen is so dirty. And if I chose Resolution mode of course the game drops at 20fps max! How can games like Horizon: Forbidden West or Red Dead Redemption 2 run more than decently on base PS4 and this game doesn't? What went wrong? How's on PS5?

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