1. She thinks she deserves $20 coffee and the psychiatrist will tell that caffeine is not good for bipolar people. Bipolar doesn't mean bitch who cannot control her temper. She very much looks like she's just on drugs.

  2. Clippers don't rust up if you don't use them....Ive had 3 pairs in a drawer for about 5 yrs and no rust lol weirdo

  3. He's absolutely lying because he doesn't want to shave his head and beard. That's just some shit he said for attention.

  4. New name on his account but that's mufasa. He said if you give him a whale he will shout you out and you will get 8k followers out of it but his videos don't typically get 8k views. He really thinks 8k followers is so impressive. It's not.

  5. I can't believe this biatchhh said she ain't got time to sit in a WIC office and sign up.

  6. I hope he's alright. Looks cool but that had to hurt.

  7. It was actually pretty good video considering the mirror is so small. I'm impressed they got a pretty good video.

  8. Her man just mentioned a job he could apply for and she shot it down because it's not night shift. WTF! The situation they are in is serious and she's obviously not alarmed enough at the thought of being on the streets with a child. Their selfish bullshit doesn't just impact them.

  9. No money on clapper just bitcoin scams and cam girls. He gonna compete with thots for bitcoin? That was a terrible yeehaw. Trying so hard to be a good ol boy.

  10. Period they not going to fill it early. Makes me think she buying them from somebody

  11. A doctor will assume you're selling your pills or taking them off label if you try and get an early refill. The only time I was allowed early refill it was because I was traveling and I forgot to pack my med bag.

  12. Yep . I was on pain pills 10 years. They will not fill them early , idc if they got stolen, lost , wet , burnt in a fire , thrown off a boat , dog ate them ... none of it. Opiate laws are in place for a reason.

  13. Yes they literally only refilled a weeks worth of meds for me while traveling and my doctor blood tested me every visit for months.

  14. Wtf does being a controlling bitch have to do with depression and mania?

  15. I don't know who is on because it's 1am and I just scrolled into this...I am gonna be here. WTF is he doing on tiktok LIVE at 2am? *

  16. He can’t be on at 2am? Maybe it wasn’t 2am where he is, it was only 1am for me 🤦🏻‍♀️

  17. It's not the time. I'm surprised to see Emmanuel Lewis just having a chat and answering questions on tiktok LIVE just random.

  18. I've been watching him a while. He started dating the girlfriend when she was 17, and she turned 18 like 5 months ago. She was in foster care, and he was already living at the motel. I'm not sure how they met. He always says they're in Florida, but they're actually from South Carolina, and his real name is Dylan, with a few arrests under his belt. I don't believe he has a job at all, and I believe the rumors that his father pays for the motel.

  19. 25% of the kids who age out of the system end up a convict within just a few years of aging out. They don't exactly give you the tools for survival. I'm sorry to say it but she probably has a very rough road ahead of her before she gets to have "normal" To her this probably just seems like survival.

  20. Most food banks carry a lot of non perishable because it's cheaper to store and shelf stable.

  21. They keep calling everyone trolls and I'm really going to start trolling them.

  22. I did finally make a 2nd account. I feel like we've been taking it easy on all of them just trying to expose the lies and habitual begging. They act like we're all so mean but I can be far meaner.

  23. Looks like a them problem not an us problem. It's something everyday.

  24. That's a very cute kid but she doesn't look like she wants to be on tiktok LIVE and I don't agree with parents using their kids on tiktok LIVE. There are so many sick people online. Why expose your child to all the sickness in the world via social media?

  25. Look at all the cottage cheese you're serving with your cake.

  26. There's no money to be made on clapper and the app is shady as shit. Good luck buddy.

  27. I do not feel bad for her. She quite literally bought liquor and junk every day while she was staying in free housing. There's no excuse for them still being homeless after they were given months in an apartment to get back on their feet. They used that time to fuck about instead of finding jobs and now they are in a car. She will lose custody of her child if she doesn't wake up and do something to help herself.

  28. My hate for her burns brighter than the sun and stars. There's a special place in hell for people who prey on the bereaved and scam widows. Pretending she can contact the dead made me hate her instantly then watching desperate mourners beg for "readings" they already paid her to do solidified that hate for eternity.

  29. She’s getting so butt hurt at everyone coming in 😂😂😂

  30. The irritability and table tapping screams I haven't gotten my drugs for the day yet.

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