1. No clue about Howell but these comments got me rolling 😂😂😂

  2. Y'all be posting shit just to make guys here riled up. If you wanna be congratulated then make it a success post. Otherwise let us know where she at

  3. We post so OTHER Hotwifes and couples can see and maybe contact us. 🙃

  4. Honestly that sucks. But unfortunately it’s a part of the community. Fakes and flakes….and it goes both ways. As a single male I have had my time wasted before as well.

  5. As someone from Ohio who used an offshore book (Bovada) for some time, what is the preferred book for people out of state? Pretty similar experience?

  6. Click the “redgifs” on the top of the post if you’re on mobile for sound.

  7. For Parx, Tuesdays are a particularly juicy day. There is no high hand promotion but they run the the high roller tables. 50/100 NL type shit and on down. So when those guys get busted or they are waiting for a seat they come to the 1/3 and 2/5 tables and get really splashy.

  8. Sounds glorious. I thought the other guy was kidding or mistaken when he said the BigO was 40/80. They run any smaller BigO tables? 15K isn't exactly my normal buy-in lol.

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