1. I'm not even a backer or in the closed alpha. I saw someone else streaming it on twitch. Isn't it twitch responsibility to make sure that they don't allow NDA protected content to be streamed?

  2. when you load the game, the first thing you do is agree to an NDA by clicking the "agree" button at the bottom of the window that pops up before you are able to do anything else. so yes, if you have the game and have opened the game, then you have agreed to the NDA

  3. i got my key, and i would imagine the majority of people that got the key arent saying anything either because they dont want to get anyone upset, they are busy playing, or they just dont want to discuss it.

  4. where's your proof that im wrong? they stated earlier than there would not be enough keys for everyone, but for a good majority of people. again, till you have all of the votes, i would take that statistic that you are currently getting with a grain of salt.

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  6. right, who uses Reddit really... i got my game key, and imediately downloaded and started playing. not very many people are worried about taking a stupid poll to see who did or didnt get the game. 10.5k is by far not even a quarter of the number of people that backed the game before the release date most likely.

  7. personally, i hate skins... so no, please dont encourage the use of skins

  8. does it really matter that i traded stuff for star citizen? no..... so what does it have to do with the price of tea in china? nothing... so why even bother commenting about it, let alone why stalk my reddit history??

  9. Iโ€™m just happy to see this didnโ€™t turn out like EFT, where a lot of the reddit community thinks everyone should cheat so BSG will fix the exploits

  10. hey, do what you gotta do to get shit done sometimes....

  11. +trade sold REDEEMER to RETALIATOR BOMBER Upgrade to

  12. great communication and speedy sale. thank you very much!

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