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  1. I used to work as a teacher before going into IT - inspired by you and some others. You're the best teacher I've ever seen and MS should be throwing money at you not because they have to but just because what you do.

  2. Thats very kind, thanks. I don't want to earn money from the channel. It's a way to give back. Best of luck!

  3. I know you don't. But we still want to be able to thank you and donate something something, how small it might be, after taking a cert thanks to you. Ofc not force it but honestly at this point you would just make people happy being able to buy you a cup of coffe or something. Thanks for everything you do mate, eternally greatful.

  4. Definatly not. For entry level exams I would even say they're a waste of time (but you get a coupon).

  5. They are absolutely terrible at promoting these things.

  6. Murray said it would be bigger than launch SF6 roster which is 18 chars so you're looking at 20 or 22 probably.

  7. Just want to tell you that Pluralsight has 3 free days now starting tomorrow and their SC-200 course is 6h for instance.

  8. Every year microsoft has an event called Ignite you can't access it now but they had a special challenge

  9. CLX is doing 50% off, nothing for 100% off that I can see

  10. Already did a pretty comprehensive post about it, should be still easily findable in my profile. It's basically learning program, similar to the 30 days to learn it challenge where you get a 50% off voucher for the exam (was 100% but they ran out)

  11. Ok found it. Incredible that I had never heard of it before. Thanks.

  12. I just want to add you should know what the actual software is doing to your system it's horrific and that you might get into positions where you have to reset your entire PC just because a registry error or something at some point now allowing you to take exams and get the "The security configuration has been tampered with and the launch process will be terminated (101)"" error and there's nothing you can do about it.

  13. It's the worst service on planet earth and it's a shame it's standardized. That they outsource it (obviously) to India etc proctoring exams doesn't help either. I once had a person that was proctor who was embaressed to speak English. God forbid you get any error or you need to contact them through the chat during your exam (it will never, ever, work). I've had so many horror stories with the service I'm legit scared shitless everytime I take an exam. At one point the standard excuse was "sorry, covid means we're understaffed" meaning you couldn't get a refund for 3 weeks etc - at least you're out of the clear there.

  14. More Lensflares than a Michael Bay movie. I got skincancer and third degree sunburns just looking at this.

  15. Try to hit an omen in high level tekken and the try to hit Leroy b1+2 and you'll see that one of the two is considerably easier to hit and gets punished more seldom.

  16. Did you just say it's more common to get a cane low wallhit final hit then hitting an Omen (or other things that do 60% damage with wall?)

  17. Pen and paper. Allows you to easy do bulletpoints / mindmaps and the sort and still take notes while focusing. I buy a seperate, new, big a4 notbook prior to every exam and go back and scroll through it before examdate. I've found that the act of actually writing and making your brain figure out how to organize material with pen and paper is where the deep learning takes place and solidifies things - going back and looking through a word document etc not so much. Practically worthless.

  18. I recommend earning a security certification like SC-900 Security, Compliance, and Identity Fundamentals. You can look over the certification poster by Microsoft here:

  19. I know. The 900 is the introductory security cert. I didn't know if the 200 had a pre-requisite.

  20. He said he used 2FA as well so thats crazy how they got in.

  21. I have this exact same error now and can't take tests and neither pearsonvue or ms are any help at all. How they can keep using a service which is rated this low by any reviewsite is beyond me.

  22. Stämmer väl med min uppfattning. Du skall vara vänster för att få lov att uttrycka dig där annars är det bara en tidsfråga innan du åker.

  23. MS Learn for these courses are currently a mess and do not clearly represent the course goals or, imo, prepare you for the exams. It's been a mess preparing for these two period. I recommend getting the free week (if you haven't already) at CBT nuggets and using it for either I found it better and less dry than pluralsight (and there are labs at CBT Nuggets) even if both places are not truelly updated for the May change I found CBT closest. Just have in mind the VPN stuff was moved to MD-100.

  24. It is actually horrible and only worth it for the nostalgiafactor. All fightscenes are actual cringe and 3/4th of the cast can't act.

  25. When you have rage do it into a 1+2 into combo or d1+2 (improved range now, can't be backdashed most characters) into RD for a comebackfactor

  26. Bob got nerfed?! CH are still pretty good, I mean don't press when when he stops moving on his d1 and d3. U3+4 is pretty broken at the wall still

  27. 10 string wallender, which was one of the highest damage enders in the game, got fucked

  28. As well as ff2, qcf 1+2, ss1+2 and tons of other moves

  29. They should have been on stage, showed the trailer, and the final image should have said Tekken 8 is now in production - more details to come.

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