Putin announces partial military mobilization in Russia

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  1. I am vegan because I think it is fair to assume animals do not want to die and I believe one should not kill living beings that do not want to die unnecessarily. It is really not that hard.

  2. LK is a super bad advice for someone playing online, same goes with superchest farming in general.

  3. I only play SP so it is just where I go for HR farming, why is it bad online?

  4. Because you are stuck on P1 and are not guaranteed a good map and/or 2 campsites.

  5. You forgot Saddam gassed its own and the people of Kuwait? Consequently invaded Kuwait, annexed it and maintained it's chemical weapons programme for decades.

  6. All cops are bastards because private property is a bastardization of how human interaction should work. And all cops uphold private property rules that are enforced on the working class by the elites.

  7. But straight men don't use other men as toys. Wtf? And no, masturbation and sex aren't the same. "Treat it that way"? What are you talking about?

  8. I am not saying masturbation and sex is the same thing, I am saying what this dude is doing is not what we conceptually would describe as sex but is conceptually closer to masturbation. And yes men do use other men as sex toys and that is perfectly fine if it is consensual.

  9. For some people sex is like a super serious thing, and if you are super serious about something you only do the things you are committed to 100%.

  10. I totally get doing something you receive no immediate sexual pleasure from, but do it because your partner likes it. I mean oral is exactly that. But witnessing how much your partner enjoys it, can be so incredibly hot that it is very pleasurable to perform oral.

  11. You should never do something you don't want to do obviously. But for some people "what do I get out of it" isn't really part of the question.

  12. You benefit from society functioning better, and feeding kids makes society function better.

  13. Lets say this dude didn't want to have kids and was totally into you before finding out. Maybe they feel lied to because you didn't tell them earlier.

  14. In 2014 when this conflict escalated Svoboda, an actual neo nazi party was in the government.

  15. Movements always have counter movements. So yeah, X becoming popular will always make Anti-X become more popular to. I don't know why you would want your mind to be changed about that. It is just how a society with different humans in it works.

  16. Nationalism, regardless of what kind, is always a supremacist idea. If you do not believe your nation to be better then other nations, why separate them with a border?

  17. this human nature part is pure propaganda, I am not blaming you. Everyone is susceptible to propaganda.

  18. You are a bit all over the place, if you got more pointed questions that you think might change your mind feel free to ask me. Ill do my best to answer them.

  19. I want to agree, I really do. But here's what stops me on this. If it is ethical to have the wolves introduced to curb/kill/eat the elk population, how can it at the same time be unethical for humans to curb/kill/eat the elk population? Why wouldn't this argument circle back in on itself, when the end result is the same? It just seems dissonant to me to hold both viewpoints.

  20. Wolves are part of the ecosystem, it they do something that disrupts the eco system they themselves will suffer and their population will fall and the disruption will auto correct itself by having less wolves.

  21. Moeilijk moeilijk, rascisme was volgens mij een sociaal instrument verzonnen door blanke mensen om zo het systematisch uitbuiten van niet blanken te verantwoorden.

  22. Maar tribalisme en racisme zijn niet hetzelfde. Het is net wat jij doet, van alles 1 pot nat maken is het probleem dat ik aanhaal. Want hierdoor gaat er veel geschiedenis in context verloren.

  23. I am a ginger and this is hilarious lol how do you top this? "Marry me?" xD

  24. Ok, here's the problem with your view. What about black face. I could make your argument about black face. I could say that I had no idea that in the early 20th century black people were forced to wear black face. And I as a white person just like the appearance of darker skin. What logic can you come up with where appropriating locks is ok, but appropriating black face is not ok.

  25. My problem is that I do not believe people do blackface because they just like how looks, they have harmful ulterior motive. I do believe people who have dreadlocks just like how it looks, they just think its cool or whatever.

  26. Your view relies on you deciding what other people's motives are instead of the person deciding for themselves what their motive is. That's not an objective measure of what a person's motive is. So I could also say that people who do dreadlocks have that same harmful ulterior motive. Why do you get to decide this? Obviously some of your friends think they have that motive behind having the dreads.

  27. Als je kapitaal hebt en je kan dat kapitaal investeren op iets dat verkoopt met woekerwinsten zoals gas, waarom zou je dan het risico nemen te investeren in iets waarvan de technologie niet eens op punt staat en je de kans loopt verlies te maken?

  28. I don't know if he hit a mental wall with all the bad faith shit he has to deal with so now every time someone is "against" him he automatically jumps to "this is bad faith" but he doesn't seem capable of making that distinction anymore. Maybe where he is a it would be to difficult for any of us, maybe not, hard to say.

  29. I know you're so old that you think your wants are more important than other people's rights. You are so selfish that you are still attempting to selfishly argue your position. You're wrong. If you continue to behave this way, you will continue to be selfishly wrong. (You have a right to your opinion, even wrong ones, but that doesn't always make you right to express your opinion, if your opinion is wrong, and when weighed against a subject matter's opinion, your opinion going to be the wrong opinion.) Age is impertinent to other people's rights, that you so boldly insist it is your right to infringe upon. And yet you are this selfishly old being three years younger than me, 38f. So, once again, your opinion is wrong. You're neither older, nor correct in your opinions about age, identities, or rightness to express one's opinion.

  30. So you have never thought about your 20 year old self, Omg at 20 I was so convinced of something, nobody could change my mind, and now that I am older I think totally different about it?

  31. Your twenty year old self is for you to learn and grow from, not to make other people's life choices for them. You honestly think if we were talking about a twenty year old motorcycling you would even be right, let alone when we're talking about gender identity. Gender identity is not fatal, unless a person's gender identity is rejected by people in their lives like you and it leads to suicide. Motorcycles are highly likely to be fatal. But it's an adult making adult choices. You can ask that twenty year old what safety precautions they're taking. But the only thing a transgender twenty year old needs to be asked is how they're doing, because they're asked to deal with closed minded people like you who wish they could make a third party's life choices. You can't. Move on. Pick a problem that's in your actual life path to work on and leave other people's identity alone.

  32. A useful category would be how much the separate ingredients (cooked) sell for maybe?

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