1. I personally want to see him as Blade. I’m actually excited to see him as Blade. He’s a phenomenal pick for that role imo

  2. Leslie Odom Jr. sounds great I like his antagonistic role on Person of Interest and Abbott Elementary.

  3. I agree domestic violence is serious and real. But, Majors is innocent until proven guilty. As of now he claims he is innocent and she claims he is guilty.

  4. Like, I said, if Disney fired him, it'll send a good message to victims, at least there's a consequences of what he did.

  5. Marvel sub took this news better than I expected, sure there were some "Innocent till proven guilty" comments but there were also many think this matter is no joke, people wishing his victims got speedy recovery, and they do not mind recasting.

  6. I hope Marvel Gina Carano'ed him, plus recast is easy since they can just use another variant of Kang as an excuse.

  7. Y’all my 12 year old son just texted me this. He looked up to this dude.

  8. Oof. I hope that hasn't scared her off doing musicals!

  9. They did the same thing in The Raid 2 with Hammer Girl. Who knew pop stars was such an untapped action star market?

  10. Julie Estelle (Hammer Girl) was not a pop star, she was more of a model/actress, although The Raid 2 was kinda her first major action role.

  11. I haven't listened Fall Out Boy for a long time, but this album felt fresh and yet pretty familiar, especially if you grew up on their 1st three albums.

  12. “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth” - Plato

  13. The point about not figuring shit out beforehand is really important. James Gunn recently talked about a lot of modern movies being bad because the scripts aren’t even finished before shooting, and while he was referring to story, this creates a cascading effect on all levels of production. Marvel VFX artists in the past have talked about having to hastily redo entire action set pieces because people up top kept making changes to the third act.

  14. Yeah, I think this is Marvel MO since its inception, I remember Iman Vellani said something like Marvel is not as meticulously planned as people expected.

  15. I like that she called Jason Aldean's wife "Insurrection Barbie"

  16. I like 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' Films, Kitty is actually one of my favorite side characters from the movies, so it'll be interesting to see her take the lead role.

  17. the actress who played the bride in that one episode of she-hulk is trans as well!

  18. Patti Harisson is hilarious, I always like her when she popped up on a project, especially on the Lost City.

  19. i really wish i could see the Gretta Gerwhig version they passed on. this cast is fine to good but i feel like the writing is really sub par for them.

  20. I gotta feeling people are looking for the next Kathleen Kennedy.

  21. Yeah getting tired of her. I actually do like her but she doesn’t need to be in every comedy with Asians in it smh

  22. Although, I don't mind it if she has small roles in this movie.

  23. Even with a big name cast like that, how does a romcom have such a bloated budget? Was there gonna be some wild action set pieces?

  24. dictating what the best movie is, isn't going to get you the best movie.

  25. If you want easy, just put those people on marketing and finance sector.

  26. Can you kindly f-off with this attitude? Yes I am sure that 95% of readers are male and they all HATE women with a passion, because MALE BAD!

  27. According to 2017 Survey, 95% subscribers of this subreddit are male, the behavior clearly reflect that when there's a thread about women in movie industry.

  28. The first two are in Beauty and The Beast, sung in the credits by Celine Dion and sung by Dan Stevens as Beast in the movie respectively. The third one is from Aladdin and sung by Naomi Scott as Jasmine. The last one is from The Lion King and sung by Beyoncé.

  29. That's exactly why they keep bringing Kimmel back. He's...fine, in a bland, phoning it in way. Chris Rock really fucked up any other comedian's chance of hosting lmao

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