He was Shot While Jogging. He Was an Innocent Man. May he Rest in Peace.

*Lowers face into palm*

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  1. Shout out to people like OP. I learn so much from your posts and comments

  2. I would love a gaming theme one with some of the classic franchise referenced like Mario, Zelda, Sonic, etc

  3. I would trade my alolan vulpix for your spiritomb if you're still around

  4. Yup, I'm going into town town. Let's try code 7773 3337 whenever you get a chance

  5. You seem really upset about this. It's not that serious. I think you need to touch a book or read some grass. Close reddit.

  6. Says the person who started an argument about the price of a video game...

  7. Putin is gonna eat him for lunch. He doesn’t have the mind set to deal with a smart man like him.

  8. Well let's not start sucking his dick or anything. We don't need to like Russia just because Trump did

  9. I used to play mogwai way back before horizon beach existed.

  10. I'm not a big fan of Moccus either. But I agree that there aren't really any bad designs, it's all personal preference

  11. HANDS DOWN IM NEVER USING GRUMMY AND G,RULU. I never liked how they are just to tankie ( I think that’s how you spell it) with triple regen boost and being able to debuff you with acid tempest and remove your buffs and dealing high amounts of damage with it then your whole team doesn’t have any buffs to counter them without having to put a ton of debuffs of your own or try and knock them out in one turn. That’s why I hate grummy and g,rulu.

  12. I appreciate your level of hate for them and totally agree with you

  13. Sweet! I didn't find this game until recently, so hopefully they sell some more soon.

  14. They look awesome. What pretzel recipe did you use? I think I may finally have to try making some myself

  15. Not OP but I recommend Joshua Weissmans pretzel recipe, I made them for Oktoberfest and they look like this and taste incredible

  16. Flash Leopard 2 has always been my favorite design and nothing can change my mind. Sweet collection!

  17. I remember thinking black dranzer was the coolest ever after watching the anime

  18. Such a sweet collection, dude. I can't afford the whole thing but I'll keep my eye out if you do some individuals!

  19. If I paid someone to install a CFW and emulators for me, would I need to be tech savvy to keep the emulators working?

  20. No need to ever pay someone for a softmod, in my opinion. Only a hardmod justifies a payment for service.

  21. I don't remember if it was any good, but I loved the Flash Leopard beyblades

  22. I'm all about about defending guns but you might be the dumbest (or most racist) person on the internet. If he ran away you would have also justified his shooting.

  23. I hope the guy reported that this hornet was found. They’re currently trying to kill all of them in North America before they decimate our honey bee population

  24. I think I found one a few days ago on the east coast. I haven't found a nest or anything like that. I didn't see anything online about reporting them. I'm curious about what they would do about one single sighting but sounds like it might be worth my time

  25. Definitely call it in. Worst case, they find out that it’s not the giant hornet, and you can go on without worrying. They can put tiny trackers on them if they’re that Japanese giant hornet, and they’ve been trying to trap them and exterminate the hives they find.

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