1. Ah. As America is stupid, it isn't 5.2 feet, but rather 5 feet and 2 inches. Hope this helps!

  2. level 17 Garen ult didn't kill level 13 40% hp syndra because of her op item, lol

  3. It's ok this is why Garen has an actual sword too

  4. i am a Challanged garen otp this might help????

  5. I have a subscription to ExpressVPN, does that work?

  6. Yes that's fine, make sure it's running though

  7. Is it me or the link on her Telegram message goes to bogus torrents/magnetlinks?

  8. Could you base64 encode the Telegram link and post it here? Would be a massive help as I don't wanna go near her shitty Telegram


  10. if i wanted shitposts all day i wouldve gone to

  11. If only the people who preordered cyberpunk had a crystal ball

  12. He thought it was a piece of metal. No offense, I don't think he's resoldering that himself in the near future

  13. Yea I don't know jackshit about any of this, I'll just look towards finding another v1 switch on marketplace

  14. I was replacing the SD Card reader of my switch, during the process I accidentally broke off a piece of metal here. Now I'm getting SD card errors from Hekate and Fusee. Does anyone know what this is?

  15. there is that one clip where he goes, "lamb's cress... i am the fucking god of war" if thats any consolation

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