1. Welcome! I do know what you mean. It’s so hard not to feel seen! I feel like it’s not what you wear, but how you carry yourself. Lingering looks, sexy confidence, showing up in queer spaces; I think these are the uniform you might try on. Be yourself!

  2. I hadn't seen it as tongue-in-cheek but I have also seen people say their "bisexual" when referring to liking to "opposites". For example, I'm bisexual I can work on a PC or a Mac. I could very well be projecting since I've dealt with making those kinds of "jokes" before. I just didn't think she was actually saying she's bi. I did look up to see if she had ever confirmed her bisexuality publicly in another instance other than this interview but I couldn't affirm or deny it. I guess I'm just confused by it and that's okay.

  3. It may work for you, but sorry, I’m kind of a bit uncomfortable with people referring to liking two things in general as “bisexual”. But you do you.

  4. Darn, it might be a good recommendation? Unless it’s actually good and not considered bad? It’d probably be declared as camp, for sure.

  5. I don't think it's considered bad, it's sitting on around a 7.5 on RT and IMDB

  6. That’s good. I wonder if that’s always been how it’s been received or if nostalgia garnered some points. At any rate, I’m happy people do like it. It holds a special place in my heart for sure, even though it’s so odd. I think it’s charming how “weird” it is. Some could wonder if it’s a children’s movie at all or is it aimed for adults. A babysitter loses the baby that is captured by a king and she has to battle goblins to get him back? It’s ironic that I was introduced to this movie by my babysitter! Haha

  7. Paul met June and Jason, when they tried to become guests on Unspooled

  8. How did they meet, wrong guesses only thread 😂

  9. June and Paul have described their first date a few times but I can't recall the specifics. I can only recall them arguing over the first time she came to his house and was shocked at his laser disc collection.

  10. The laser discs discussion on the pod was so incredibly funny. 😂

  11. Love the Labyrinth love from Dianna! An iconic film imo. It was a dark version of the muppets with a psychedelic 80’s Bowie.

  12. I thought that was a bit of an odd take. An article popped up in my twitter what’s trending tab and it was a story of how people were finding comfort Re: miscarriage or some weird thing from Lavender Haze 💀 I couldn’t even find it in myself to click 😳

  13. Dr Mike on YouTube made a video about the rampant rush to judgement that bigger sized people face when seeking medical care. It’s a problem and needs to be addressed and fixed within the medical community.

  14. Some “creators” build their entire platform on that crap. Creating drama where there isn’t any.

  15. Yup it’s a whole section of YouTube, “drama channels”.

  16. I believe the last thing I saw was footage from TMZ of Ariel and Ned walking back to the car and being asked if they were going to work things out....

  17. I think that was very soon after the news broke. He was being crappy about what happened so he called TMZ to get them to where he was, for damage control. TMZ is called places, they mostly don’t just camp out.

  18. What makes a song to each member? I’ve found it takes a little bit of sleuthing sometimes to figure out who wrote what.

  19. It will be Taylor googling “am I gay quiz”

  20. Saying goes, if you’re taking quiz if you’re gay, you’re gay. 😂

  21. A million middle schoolers would like you to confirm this for them

  22. Totally agree but also will point out that eyes that heavily hooded do not fare well with gravity. I loved my heavily hooded lids in my 20s - they made me feel unique and sexy - but by my 30s they dropped significantly to the point of beginning to obscure my eyes, and I started to get major headaches and deep 11a and forehead lines from constantly raising my brows in order to see properly. It will only continue to get worse with age - when I can afford it I will definitely have an upper bleph.

  23. I wonder if this could qualify the procedure as a medically necessary one instead of cosmetic, as it’s impacting your sight and causing you other medical effects.

  24. I actually think this is a really good interpretation. I started thinking that the whole concept of this album is what is keeping her up at night. When I think about that, those times are usually in solitude where you are reflecting to yourself and rehashing conversations or situations. I mean sometimes I wake in the night and talk to my partner but usually it’s all internal dialogue. And she talks about this being her most personal album.

  25. Also, a theme in closeted gay songwriting is only being able to love who you love at midnight/in the dark/at night.

  26. Green carnations are a thing to signal people as gay. It’s seemed to have started with Oliver Wilde. Also, pink flesh sounds pretty wlw gay to me.

  27. I agree, I don’t think they are bearding. I also feel uncomfortable accusing them of that when they have a whole child, it feels like that’s the moment you should probably pack it up and leave it alone. I do think Kaylor happened but our timeline of it is either not correct or she dated both.

  28. It’s so funny to me that people say “have a WHOLE child” to emphasize it, but…it’s possible to only have half of one? It’s just so funny to me that so many people say this 😂

  29. It’s the way she says it, she knows what she’s saying. I hope she’s able to have strength and find peace through all of this.

  30. I think they’re viewing it through a heteronormative and/or homophobic lens or they don’t want veer into outing her and are being very cautious? That’s been my interpretation for the articles I’ve seen who’ve waffled or attributed it to Joe

  31. You can’t out someone who is outing themselves. Wtf Why can’t people just talk about the subject without thinking they can’t 😡

  32. So I’m seeing people say all the previous times they considered her announcing that she’s out, and isn’t that pretty typical of LGBTQ+ life— you never stop coming out.

  33. There’s this persisting theory that it’s Louis Tomlinson. Not sure how I think about that.

  34. To me, it has tones of mental health and lgbt themes.

  35. Yes to me there’s so many benefits and considerations to me to live on the first floor. Easiest to get out the door quickly should my dog need to go out quickly. No stairs for me to fall down should I not have my contact lenses on (I’m pretty visually impaired without them) if I have to get outside quickly. Easiest to bring groceries in. Easiest to get out to car. There’s so many reasons.

  36. Wait- where are people getting all these bonus tracks??? Are they available online somewhere???

  37. Paris is very coded in Begin Again for me (also, lavender dress). I think this is about that muse.

  38. Wasn’t Begin Again supposedly Miss Agron?

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