Elon Musk Loses $100 Billion in Net Worth as Tesla Stock Prices Plummet

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  1. So the afterlife is peaceful then? I guess we just hang around as ghosts.

  2. My dad died two weeks ago. Went to my father in law’s. No mention of anything regarding my dad, as if it never happened. Im struggling.

  3. I see you, I hear you, your pain is real and it is valid. I’m sorry they didn’t provide the acknowledgement you want/need. Take some time and feel through the pain on your own, don’t let their refusal to acknowledge convince you to silence your pain.

  4. GM also has a working auto pilot system (although currently limited to specific locations).

  5. Can you tell me more? A feature I’m aiming for in my next car is auto pilot and I’m not a Tesla fan

  6. It's called Super Cruise. It only works on roads that have been mapped out by GM, as I understand it.

  7. Ah okay; that makes sense. Thanks so much for your response!:)

  8. I have had the same question but reversed. How do we know that people who are labeled schizophrenic don't see things or hear things we can not but that are still real.

  9. These are the people that native communities would welcome by seeing their gifts, take them in to learn to harness what they’re seeing, and become the shaman.

  10. I’m also a Taurus sun… Scorpio season with Taurus moon eclipse? I literally haven’t felt that blissful in A WHILE! I’m not ready for fire energy lmao bring me back to chaotic as I’m used to it please

  11. October was the worst for me. I thought I was going to spiral but thankfully got through. I don't like the chaos but it feels wrong when it isn't. 😂

  12. Libra season? Yeah that felt brutal. My worst is virgo season with my virgo moon. If I’m not already at peak anxiety, that just cripples me for a month. No bueno.

  13. Bro I did that a few days ago and I’m Taurus Sun/Scorpio Rising 😭 I speak in riddles anyway and no one ever knows what I’m talking about 😭😭😭

  14. Hello fellow Taurus sun/scorpio rising! Hard to find others like me lol, virgo moon how about you?

  15. Ah man complete opposites in that regard haha. How’re you today?

  16. Mixed feelings here. Some bad experiences make me hope they do. Personal experiences leave me feeling sympathetic. Anxiety is a beast and I know virgo has it bad.

  17. Virgo moon here. Externally, I am chill af. Internally, it is a non-stop rollercoaster of varying degrees of suffocating anxiety and rumination. Pls send help

  18. I’m actually in tears that this is a possibility to have that freedom again. Everyone knows me as the woman with the puppy now bc I’ve been forced to carry him in a backpack everywhere I go… sometimes I just wanna go somewhere by myself but he’s such a Velcro dog 😭 thank you for the hope

  19. I’m not sure it’s toxic, but I can often see both sides of situations, so people can feel as though you’re constantly playing devil’s advocate - which understandably can be very frustrating.

  20. Came here to ask this. I’m not big into astrology, but have always laughed at my sign being scales when I weigh both sides of every situation.

  21. If it interests you, every person has an entire birth chart’s worth of information! We are far more than our sun signs :). There’s a bunch of free online calculators, astro.com is my go to.

  22. Fantastic!! Yes I definitely don’t want to do anything illegal for sure. As far as cleansing is there anything specific I need to use ?

  23. Make sure to ask Mother Nature/the nature spirits around that it’s okay to take something. Sometimes you get a distinct feeling of no, and may be guided to something else nearby where you’ll get a sense of yes.

  24. They used your jobs, your kids’ school, day care, entertainment, etc. to coerce you into voluntarily agree to get the jab. They did not put a gun to your head, they subtly told you that if you want to participate in society, you need to put that in your body, and majority (as always) agreed.

  25. Is there something in it to be aware of, or are we talking more of the nature of coercion to begin with?

  26. There’s a lot of info out there about what the jab is. Is up for you to decide which one relates to you.

  27. Thanks for responding, I really appreciate your time! What stores the jab mean to you?

  28. Mine learned how to turn it on by himself so he can watch it and bark at it

  29. You're asking a very good question. The answer perhaps is that they aren't souls. It would seem that the GMO humanoids that cover this realm surround us 10000:1....and maybe there are only a small number of souls mixed in. Maybe the souls that are mixed in don't have a clue that the other 95% are only there to influence them.

  30. My brain is melting and I love this pov thank you. It makes sense to me based on the idea that different people are sent to be in your life to learn certain lessons, then you move on. If you have yet to work on the lesson of attachment, those connections are much more painful

  31. I'm 34. I legit feel exactly what you describe. It makes me wonder what the point of existing is alot...

  32. A solid spiritual teacher friend of mine told me out of all the gurus, teachers, people she’s spoken to, they all say that the purpose is love. I am love(d). You are love(d).

  33. Thanks for a great response. And... I kinda get that. I think I'm pretty loving and can find positivity in anything. Always trying to understand and empathize with folks. I try to serve others and not myself, I like to help people although I am a bit reclusive and try to avoid the world, when I do act in it I don't act for myself. There's too much darkness here already. Having said that, I relate to your quest for a purpose. I always felt like if I had a family (like wife and kids) that'd satisfy my desire and give me something worthwhile. But I guess I never met the right person. Perhaps practicing and outputting love is the reason I'm here, to help level the playing field. Idk. But my first impression is that's not fulfilling and it seems like the world could do it without me. I suppose I will ponder and meditate on love being the answer. It's probably healthier at least than succumbing to my depression and wishing for oblivion.

  34. I understand what you mean friend, depression has been with me since I was a child. I’m also the same with my aim being to serve others, however… the only way I can serve others is by serving myself first. Given that our internal worlds reflect into the external world, if you feel love for yourself, you will show love to others. If you feel despair for yourself, it will manifest itself physically.

  35. Next new moon this 23 of november, should be a huge shift of energy from inward depths (scorpio) to expansion season (sagitarius)

  36. Ah I’m gonna miss scorpio season… it’s the time the world finally works at my pace of chaos (Taurus sun/scorpio rising)

  37. The Covid agenda? Either you believe or you don’t.

  38. I just mean I haven’t heard a description of what the agenda is

  39. Honesty the exact intentions are speculative depending on who you listen to… it could be purely for monetary gains, or something more nefarious, like some people theorise (population control, a NWO etc). I don’t have links but David Icke and co talk about it a lot in there books, and there’s blogs such as “The Covid Blog”. I really don’t know the truth, I just intuitively perceive that something is amiss.

  40. Ah okay, I haven’t heard of any of that. Just found this sub today. Thanks for the resources to look up!

  41. There are no criteria for this "source". It's impossible to tell who will end up where following their desire to return to it. If a harvest happens, it was probably inevitable, but the size of the feast is still undecided maybe. Those who approach liberation with a kind of holier-than-thou attitude and promote karma, vibrations, archons being us/parts of us do seem to be headed for some assimilation/slaughterhouse, but it's also their choice so ...

  42. Can you tell me more about the second part of your statement?

  43. Yeah. An its really hard because I have no water in my chart. So instead of me crying out my feelings it just comes out in anger. An I can get really scary when I'm angry. Like most Virgos. Lol

  44. Oh man I feel this. The only water in my chart is my scorpio rising, so I can feel everyone ELSE’s emotions, but I just analyze mine. There’s a looooot of buried anger I’m working on mining out healthily lol

  45. If you have a Sprouts near you, I found that they sell Kate’s Magick, which one of the items is a White Sage spray bottle that’s reiki infused. I honestly love it and use it every day to cleanse the energy of my house, myself, car, everything lol. It’s a very light scent that dissipates quickly but the energy difference is immediately noticeable!

  46. My best friend is Gemini sun/moon, and she has several personalities, it’s wild. I love that crazy bitch 😂

  47. One of my friends is Gemini sun/moon/rising. It’s always fun figuring out who I’m meeting that day

  48. We all carry karma from past lives. That's the whole deal. We reincarnate because we're told we haven't learned our lessons and have to go back and balance the karma (loads of real-world evidence for this).

  49. Would you mind PM’ing me to talk more about this? This kind of lines up/puts into words what I’ve been working on but haven’t quite done. Thank you for this!!

  50. If it’s just a deep energetic cleanse, my preferences would be to:

  51. Very good advice!! I’d also like to add it’s important to bring in joy and peace and loving energies. Make the place yours. Welcome and inviting.

  52. Thank you, this is very helpful to point out and remember 🤍

  53. How does one know which one? I just know it as my natal chart

  54. I remember accidentally seeing one of a guy having sex with a snake and despite it being like 3 seconds, 20 years ago it burned itself into my brain and continues to just pop into my head at random times and makes me feel ill.

  55. I remember one where a man has some kind of I don’t even know, infection?, animal?, SOMETHING that completely took over his gums. They were all poking out kinda spikey, moving, and he was morning in discomfort and pain. The ENTIRETY of him gums were this… creature. I feel like I saw it on Reddit a few years ago. That image is forever burned into my mind

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