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  1. Huh, before reading some comments, I thought it was "slutty" women going into the cave and get brainwashed to be an "intellectual" and thus lose their beauty, self-confidence and free expression and all that.

  2. Because, just like in high school, entering the Throne of Heroes is a popularity contest.

  3. "Hey, Look... I know things are hard now. It all seem difficult and insane and that you might think 'there's no way to win', 'there's no way for it all to get better', 'there is no way this end well'. But it does. I swear it does. It does get better, it does end well and you manage to win. You're in this situation because you can handle it, because you can overcome it. It seems hopeless, like there's no point to keep trying. But if you persevere you'll make. I know you'll make it. Because I believe in you. Because to me, you already have. So keep going, keep fighting, and reach that better point in your future. I trust you, I believe in you, and I know you will."

  4. Is this an original character because if it's not than I'm pretty sure I know who it is.

  5. Okay, it's not the whole arm, but like the side of the wrist.

  6. Start leveling up Skills and watch those numbers go down real fast.

  7. Man, shitting all over mentally ill people who lived horribly difficult lives, struggled all through said lives to overcome their phobias, and lived a hundred years ago is just so much fun, ain't it?

  8. They all look like they are staring in anger at the same thing.

  9. The pillar fell because of its hubris. It thought to head too close to the sun

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