1. Damon and Katherine would have been an extremely interesting dynamic to explore if the writers werent so mysoginistic. Bad boys deserve love. Bad girls must be punished. Not to imagine how embarrasing to have Katherine be so obsessed with Stefan and wanting to be Elena.

  2. Lol this couple is surprisingly popular 😆 I even saw someone ask for Fanfiction.

  3. All the comments on his IG were like “omg it’s so goood you are clearly a musical genius like your sister” and I was like no way this shit is good Bc I seen his poem things he’s been posting and all the jesus stuff there’s no way this is going to be anything but alarming

  4. I think you misunderstood, I never said people only empathise with him because he’s attractive, just that he would be less popular if the actor was conventionally unattractive.

  5. Okay. This is true. Viewers are absolutely forgiving of attractive characters in general no matter how evil. Hence half this sub wants to fuck Oliver. And no, not just Barry. Oliver. Someone actually asked. It's a fact that's been lamented by many for years and years and it will never change.

  6. Again, you’re misunderstanding my point. I didn’t simply say he is popular but that he would be “less popular” like less liked by some people if he was unattractive

  7. I see. And I agree. He would be EVEN LESS popular. And I reiterate, the same goes for almost every single attractive bad person on TV. Including Oliver, the beloved main character, a serial killer who framed an innocent person for murder then, fucked his victims grave and danced naked in their home.

  8. NGL I purchased this. Truly underwhelming.

  9. It’s one aspect of the books that have not aged well.

  10. I didn't understand why he didn't just insist on a conservator or whatnot in America for her, if he wanted to help but also didn't want to see her piss lots of money away on useless things or con artists. I forget if they said whether she had substance abuse issues.

  11. That's the thing isnt it? He had options. He could have made this situation less humiliating and humbling. Like Farleigh says, it's not like he worked for his money either so for him to act so superior and self-righteous by expecting others to stand on their own two feet is so hypocritical.

  12. And it’s definitely hung over his head, their “generosity.” And the microagressions about his race. Farleigh is absolutely mercenary but I totally get why he is the way he is. And there’s no excuse for the racism you experienced, no matter how overt or not. Ignorance and good intentions aren’t enough. Sorry OP :(

  13. Oh, I absolutely get them holding that fake generosity over his head. In fact, there's a line that Venetia says that stuck with me. When Felix and Venetia are discussing the incident with the Pallisey plates, Venetia carelessly days "talk about biting hand!" That comment was so obnoxious about the fact that they "feed him".

  14. Re: 2nd shot: So hot, just standing there listening to directorial notes.. 

  15. I like her actually. I mean truly like her. But then again I also liked S1 Caroline who most people hate.

  16. Not the character Oliver but Barry himself, he’s just beautiful his eyes and how tiny he looks around other men

  17. Ha. I think I made a post about this. Not the jealousy part but how cute and hot it is that he's so small and lets himself be maneuvred and manhandled by his "red carpet daddies". 🤣 But no, I am not jealous of Barry's size. I think it's very very attractive.

  18. I always wondered if people are projecting their earnest intensions onto her. Because take a peek at Put Me In a Movie.

  19. RIGHT?!?! He’s all over my TikTok and I’m loving it! His red carpet styles are just amazing for him.

  20. I love it. I absolutely love it. He's so cool with being this co-stars' bite-size teddy bear and I think he even revels in it which makes it so sexy. He's not self-conscious about it at all. It's very very attractive. None of that "no-homo" nonsense or over-compensating. He just grins and giggles. Good for him. 😅 I saw a comment on TikTok saying "I want the little one". 😏

  21. Oh, hey, me! I am currently this person! 3 weeks ago I started my dream job in my dream city!

  22. Thank you so much for sharing 😊 It warms my heart to know that you're having the time of your life. 🥰

  23. Thanks! Orphaned at 17, I'm now a Doctor in Pasadena. CA.

  24. That's such an interesting use of Chat gpt. Thanks for the idea!

  25. Thank you! I was worried I would get slammed for that here 😅 But it's really helped me.

  26. ChatGPT helped me a bit. I write a part and ask it to analyse and point out flaws. Pacing is apparently my biggest crime. And how I don't integrate enough background information with action to keep the reader engaged. I tend to infodump in the middle of a scene. So I am working on that.

  27. I think Farleigh was in a small way correct. Oliver owns Saltburn but he will never get that summer back. He will be lonely. He will never be accepted by the people of that station. He has no expertise to maintain Saltburn. I am not optimistic about his ending to be honest. I think Oliver will always try to fill the hole in his heart. That summer was magical but he will never get it back.

  28. I don’t think you understand pretentiousness. Farleigh’s character is by definition very pretentious throughout the entire movie. The Pamela forever example has nothing to do with detesting pretentiousness, in fact it’s even more of an example to show how pretentious Farleigh is as he’s making a sly remark about ‘down on her luck’ Pamela staying forever, when that’s exactly what the family is allowing ‘down on his luck’ farleigh to do.

  29. Wrong word choice. Thanks for calling it out. I meant being fake. A facade. Stoicism. Lies. All of which the Cattons and British aristocracy prize and all of which made Frederica run away because she considered the British cold. He called out Oliver's use of thus. He couldn't maintain a facade at the table after Felix's death. Even when he's cruel, he's cruelty msnifests in truth.

  30. damon was such a submissive little brat and yet the writers kept forgetting that

  31. FOR REAL ALL HIS ISSUES AND TRAUMA WERE DISPLAYED THROUGH SEX CONSTANTLY and he had no reason to be so bratty other than the fact he wanted to be pinned down and pushed against a wall so badly.

  32. It's what his fans wanted. Also, bad boys are usually depicted as dominant and they guide submissive powerless innocent women to the most spectacular life and sex of their lives. That's always the trope. That's what's common and popular. To depict a vampire bad boy as a man-loving submissive is not going to fly with a straight female Wattpad reading audience. Especially not Julie Plec whose romantic tastes I suspect are on the conservative side.

  33. Excellent points about Farleigh. You really helped me see him differently. He's bitchy but he's family!

  34. I was born in the West but parents born in Pakistan. I lived in Pakistan for a while. I find the West's attitude towards family to be so cold and depressing. It is so strange that Farleigh is regarded as a leech. He is literally part of the family by blood.

  35. for one he was eating period, slurped bath water jizz, assaulted the guys cousin. if you think anything about that character is attractive you need to look with in yourself.

  36. You're one of those kids who baffled me when I was in school. The kind that failed comprehension exercises and open-book tests. The answer is right there and you somehow got it wrong. I gave a detailed explanation of what I found sexy in this movie and you're yapping on about "bath water jizz". It's not even a matter of opinion. You have proven that you're an irredeemable idiot.

  37. Reading these comments makes me feel less ridiculous for the motivations for my own story 😆 Very encouraging.

  38. 100%, but for other reasons. I am severely bamboozled how pro monarchy a lot of fantasy is and I want more based fantasy

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