1. I sincerely hear your pain-hang in there. Keep moving and don’t give up. You might not have what you want or even what you need but there will be better days.

  2. This is why investing in ETFs and rentvesting is underappreciated. This wouldn't have happened if OP rentvested. One of the main benefits of renting is that you can just walk away from problems with the property. It is lower risk.

  3. Would you legitimately want to spend an an indefinite, ongoing amount of time in the insecure, inconvenient beast that is the rental market ?

  4. There's an old CSIRO document to cracks, link below that provides some of the best advice that I've found online.

  5. That is a fantastic link. Thoroughly readable and informative. Great of you to share😀

  6. Galvanised steel is coated with zinc, using a galvanised grate as a barbecue will vaporise the zinc and contaminate the food with zinc compounds. Not good!

  7. Came to the comments just to find the antique wheel enthusiasts.

  8. Same, I’m expecting the complete antiques roadshow narrative😀 hoping for it at least….😀

  9. I would be your friend and you could benefit my laundry/ bathroom -sweet deal😁

  10. Gardener; was employed at $26p/h FT. Went out on my own and charge $85 p/h and have more work than I can handle. $85 is the market rate.

  11. Just a few questions for context-Do you have staff and machinery? Have you qualifications? Is it hard and soft landscaping? Resi, commercial or both? “Gardeners” by way of the name I thought received a more humble wage whereas landscapers generally doing site works as well as design , implementation and maintenance scored the higher pay. How many years experience do you have? Did it take a while before you reached that hourly rate?

  12. -no staff -no rideable plant -three horticultural qualifications and a year as an apprentice landscaper. -soft landscaping. -light on commercial, mostly high end resi. -fun fact; gardeners and landscapers are covered by the same award and are both three year apprenticeships. The only difference is a landscaper builds and a gardener grows. I consult, design, implement (softscape only) and maintain. A lot of people skim over the multifaceted technical aspects of horticulture and relegate it to a “humble” service. I get this a lot. -10 years FT

  13. Thank you for clarifying. How long from consultation to completion on average does a job take. Are you advertising or is word of mouth sufficient for ongoing income I concur, horticulture is a multifaceted discipline. Do you mean that those in the industry who do not convey or understand the technical aspects, relegate themselves and their service to more of a humble vocation?

  14. Instead of a single offset account it becomes a 'bucket' of accounts which are effectively like a single account to offset your mortgage.

  15. Really, paralysed live spiders? Food the for the emerging larvae. That’s insane. I’d open open it up to see that

  16. I turn 30 this year and feel the exact same. I rent and live alone, earn 85k and only have 41k saved, have no assests or investments. I'm nowhere near close to being able to buy.

  17. A little part of me broke reading your post. I want to encourage you. Earning 85k is an above average wage 41k savings on your own is nothing to sneeze at The property market changes over time. Don’t ever count yourself out If it’s something you really want, keep your eyes on the prize Widen your circle to meet new people Interests and online groups can lead to connections Get out into nature, walk , observe, breathe Listen to great music, great speakers You are not a failure, your life is only just beginning

  18. You’re going to have to fill me in on this Picasso Tiler bloke, what did he do?

  19. Now I’ll have to go back and find the photo. It is in this sub. Tiler created a masterpiece around the plumbing behind the toilet. The comments as much as the work itself were compelling. Ooh maybe I can find it in my history. I’ll work out how to pin or save my faves in future😀

  20. Novel idea, done to death, obviously…. Appears to be an interim option, I’m in for the long game😀

  21. Cheaper than the Bunnings option? Only issue is posts are on neighbour side. The house is currently tenanted and up for sale. The palings were all new but tacked on to original posts and whatever the horizontals are called

  22. Customer Service/ insurance companies need people on the phones. Pretty much a script. My son and his friends did it for six months when they were 18

  23. Mine just passed this morning. I should not be in this thread. I’m a wreck.

  24. Is there anyone single on this forum? Every second post talks about partners.

  25. I am single, average income and I purchased a 50year old home last year. Not a desirable suburb but for me it’s perfectly suitable within good commuting distance to work and I spend 1/2 my wage paying repayments and additional buffer. I also have income protection and house insurance

  26. I was most recently a Training and Compliance Coordinator, but I'm now reskilling into IT

  27. I’m incredibly curious- I hope you don’t mind. You did a Cert IV in training which led to a role in compliance. Did you do any training or assessing first? What time period was this over and is there still a demand? Were you in a trade beforehand? I could see how demand for trainers, compliance etc would be sought after. What are you studying in IT-coding, AI. I’m looking to re-skill and am considering my options.

  28. No, I started in an entry level role as a trainer in the business I was in by virtue of experience in the company and showing eagerness to learn, then upskilled into the qualifications when I realised I really enjoyed it.

  29. Bank provides you with funds after they have a valuer visually value land and house plans. The cost of both has to stack up with their valuation . If so, loan is granted.

  30. Post on the legal sub and see what’s what -you never know

  31. I would think there isn’t legal redress as it isn’t a contract or legal agreement with the REA but actually with the owner. The lease signed by both parties is completely binding. Unfortunately un til that happens you’re relying on the character of the agent which in these frenzied times is often sub-par. I really hope things work out for you OP- I’ve been there and it was awful

  32. This sub appeared to be reasonably general in nature. The property shown is a short drive/bus/train trip away. The post may be of interest to someone looking for a comfortable, friendly environment from which to base their life whilst studying. Rentals are hard to come by

  33. This lovely bright and breezy home has two room available for rent. $220per week incl utilities. Close to buses and train Please message me if you would like to share this oasis with a couple of gorgeous small dogs and myself- mature working professionals 😀

  34. I’m pretty sure no redraw on fixed rate loans until the fixed rate has expired. Again I could and likely am wrong

  35. If you think there should be more posts on your profile, then you’re not logged into the correct account.

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