1. Pussy more valuable than friendships eh? Yta. I’d never get with someone my friend or anyone I’m close too has been with. That’s just grimy.

  2. For me personally no matter what getting with someone I consider a friend and or am close too I’d just kinda gross. While you can do what you want and have fun with the girl just nah from me.

  3. yikes this one is confusing. i say the cat takes priority because the cat came first. but i do also see your wife's point. but the cat is sixteen years old bro. you're a W man's for prioritizing your pet. you might sleep on the couch for the next five years, but IMO you are NTA.

  4. ima go w NTA. your husband seems mad childish and that there are more underlying issues w him than what might be brought to the light rn. respect your space!

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