1. In the cricbuzz report it's mentioned that india vs pakistan will happen in Delhi or chennai. Lessgoo give it to chennai, it'll be an absolute cracker.

  2. Matches in Delhi late October onwards would be an international humiliation for us, near zero vision. Batter won't be able to see the bowler with all the smoke in the air

  3. Yup. This time WC is in October /November instead of the usual Feb-May period & they r scheduling to host matches in North India (Delhi,Dharamsala,Lucknow etc) during winters (October-November) 🤔

  4. The hype lasted for 2 hours

  5. Any Marathi in the house? कोणी आहे का रे तिकडे

  6. No because that would actually benefit the game

  7. IPL happened last year as per the stat.

  8. The difference being the other Asian nations wanted India to participate for the sake of increased revenue. I doubt any other nation is going to bat for Pakistan's inclusion if they threaten to pull out of the World Cup.

  9. Never represented Australia

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