1. 5.5/10. Normal looking 16 year old, the username isn’t fair to yourself! You’re still young, keep working on your confidence, stay healthy, and find some cool friends.

  2. 6/10. You’re cute! Congrats on the weight loss, that was probably so difficult. Maybe start hitting leg day, that could help your figure even more.

  3. 6-6.25/10. You’re an attractive dude. Girls will fall for the dog pic

  4. 5.5/10. You look a lot like Tom Hanks to me. Not much to work on other than body fat percentage, looks like you’re already working on that with cardio. All black shoes look a little strange to me, you could do with some cleaner sneakers. Great smile!

  5. 5.5-6/10. You have model potential tbh, but you need a better haircut and a smile. Also make sure you aren’t breathing out your mouth and your jaw will look better overtime.

  6. Not ugly, women like more agresive types. But don't change who you are for them, there are also women who like 'soft guys'.

  7. Nah, hit the gym more. Build up that natural testosterone and confidence and pulling girls will be easier.

  8. A good strategy is to make some guy friends first that you can hang with and build confidence with. Do that by finding some uncomfortable and new social events and experiences (maybe car meets for example, there’s a big community around Mustang mods). Once you get some solid friends to hang with you’ll discover the better aspects of your personality and charisma.

  9. 6/10. The haircut is better than before, you don’t want to look overly manicured. I think you could actually pull off longer hair really well. Maybe train your neck more (ik it sounds weird but it’s a thing). Also lose the muscle hoodie.

  10. ~3.5-4/10. You look pretty feminine. Get shorter hair (long hair almost always only works well for very defined jaws) and definitely lose the glasses. They’re way too big for your face (research frame shapes and how they can fit your face shape online). Start working out and you’ll look better naturally as well. You’re still young and there’s good potential! Work on your looks and that confidence will build on its own.

  11. Maybe the Taycan Sport Turismo?

  12. 1992 Nissan Sentra dune buggy build

  13. Sidenote: it was designed by renowned and recently deceased architect I.M Pei

  14. Im 15 years old and this is the first Corvette I ever saw irl. In my town there is also one 2010 Cadillac and that is about it as far as American cars go. There is also a small-ish ammont of oldtimers, Im talking like 10-15 cars. The town has 30 000 residents ih that means anything

  15. That’s cool! Funny hearing because I live in the US

  16. 1980-1982 Chevrolet Corvette (C3)

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