1. Could both have a bit of shepherd. Kiwi looks like maybe some Husky. Lia maybe some collie or sheltie. Whatever they are, they are 100% gorgeous beauties🥰So glad you rescued them, and they have each other❤️

  2. I'll bet you can't believe she is finally yours🥰So glad you have each other😊Best feeling ever❤️Congrats

  3. Pretty sure you made this adorable guy's life a whole lot better. ❤️ Have a strong feeling it was meant to be, and your life just got better too🥰

  4. I am so glad that Nitro got your attention. He is so beautiful ❤️Sounds like he chose you🥰

  5. Oh my gosh, Wyatt is so unbearably cute😍Looks like he might grow to be a big boyo. So utterly adorable❤️

  6. Such a beautiful boy🥰So sad to hear about his traumatic history.😔Really happy he has a new home. He looks happy, and loved ❤️

  7. Love this pic❤️So great when they expose their tummy 🥰He knows he is home, and he is loved.😊

  8. Kafka is a unique beauty😍So glad she is home, and loved by her family ❤️She looks like part teddy bear part wolf🥰😍❤️Hope you have many more adventures together.

  9. Hilarious 😄🥰I love when big dogs can contort into small spaces, and the little ones don't know they are😄Cutest pic. These two are beautiful and must be so entertaining 🥰❤️

  10. Great pic to capture what a big place our pups take up in our lives.🥰 Cozmo is adorable. ❤️

  11. Such a little cutie❤️🥰Love the pics. They really capture her personality. Her expressions are hilarious. ❤️

  12. Oh Beemo, my heart just melted❤️Such a beautiful boy. So happy you found him. 🥰 He is so precious. Love his expression . 😍

  13. Happy news🎈🥰So sorry it's been a long road for you and your precious pup. So glad treatment is available. Hope you and your pup have new adventures together ❤️

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