1. As much as I don't like Tesla, calling a SW update a recall is a bit of a misnomer.

  2. Blame the NHTSA for this, all resulting from allowing owners to pipe their own sounds over the sound box, NHTSA decided that every small fix has to be a recall, so Tesla is taking full advantage of that.

  3. Yep, dont forget 2x 10,000 mah powerbanks, velcro, VRcover facial interface, and your choice of headband. (I use the stock headband with AMVR rear headpad - super comfy)

  4. 10KmAh = 10Ah. I bought one single 20Ah, 20W Anker battery for my Quest 2 to stream PCVR through Virtual Desktop, with a Vive face tracker. I get four hours and 15 minutes out of the Anker battery before it shuts off (with the Vive face tracker connected), then an additional 1h 45m to 2 hours from the Quest battery,

  5. The Quest 2 actually supports 9V @ 3A fast charging. I use an Anker 20W charger to charge mine

  6. No charger puts out 10V, it's either 5V, 9V, 12V, and for higher wattage 15V, 20V and 30V

  7. The ir leds are low powered and unfocused; basically it's not strong enough to hurt your eyes

  8. doesn't the pico pro have it? the psvr2 i think?

  9. The HTC Vive Pro Eye, the Varjo, the PiMax 12K (and they have an eye tracker module addon for their other headsets), the HP Reverb G2 Omniscient all have eye tracking.

  10. Damn. Looks like an early retirement from VR for me then

  11. I should mention that there are tons of options for VR from other companies if you hate Meta (but were fine with it when it was Oculus).

  12. It also sucks that Nvidia abandoned the VR connector from the 20XX series GPUs. It was extremely convenient, especially on multi-monitor systems.

  13. Republicans be like: He banned abortion, so he's alright in my book, despite those other things.

  14. I have a Quest 2, but I play PC VRChat through Airlink, so I don't have to worry about the Quest version of VRChat.

  15. I wouldn't bother with the referral codes. They don't work. You'll never get your $30, nor will the other person get their $30

  16. My aunt is against EV’s because the batteries will burn up and fail

  17. My opinion is that if someone is anti-EV, they should be against hybrids too. They both use batteries and have a EV only drive mode.

  18. Did you tell her there were only 52 EV fires in 2021 out of around 1.2 million EV/PHEVs in the US, compared to over 120,000 ICE fires out of some 290 million cars? (0.004333% EV vs 0.041379% ICE - 9.5x higher risk of fire in ICE compared to EV)

  19. Excellent find, I had set up my vive face tracker long ago but had no idea the settings.apk trick had stopped working after the V40 update.

  20. I spent probably from 6pm until 2am trying to figure this out (my Quest 2 was delivered yesterday around 2:30-3pm)

  21. I'll try that, but TBH, it seems like all that's going to do is not start WMR when the googles are turned on. Meaning that the WMR app won't open when I turn on the PC, but the googles will turn on nonetheless.

  22. With it disabled, WMR only starts when the presence sensor in the headset sees you putting it on.

  23. I see. For some reason I thought the displays were on and I didn't want to burn them out

  24. That dudes get shafted in the metaverse... your either a furry or an eboy... no in-between... I became a furry, better than looking like I'm about to off myself any second... IRL furry stuff still I don't understand, but to each their own. I'm kind of forced to be a furry TBH...

  25. You're a furry in denial, that's what I see from this comment.

  26. I consider myself a furry in VR but IRL I dont really, my GF and EXs are fairly deep into the furry thing. Just not my cup o tea, but I can appreciate other peoples tastes.

  27. You don't have to be a fursuiter, or act like a silly animal (some furries are cringe in that regard). All you really have to do as a furry is have a fursona, and enjoy furry art. The fursuiting and going to conventions is not a requirement.

  28. That ship has sailed. These people are commuting from spread out suburbs. You can put a few commuter rails down economically enough, but without connecting lines that are a very short walkable distance from people’s houses, very few people will actually use them. And you would need a massive number of connecting lines and stops to service those types of neighborhoods. Parking garages and such aren’t enough.

  29. Dense cities is what helps increase the speed of disease outbreaks.

  30. Remember, at the core, you work for Charter. Charter went bankrupt in 2008

  31. IR emitters setting off the camera? Why would those be on when the truck is off?

  32. I'd be a bipedal wolf. I wouldn't mind being that all that much.

  33. I got the "Its just like talking to a brick wall" from fellow co-workers when they weren't able to convince me of how terrible it is to take 20-45 minutes to charge, and that its bad to using DC fast charging, or that you lose range in the cold, or that its $120 to charge up your EV.

  34. Does anyone know how to use the print screen button, open an art program, paste, then save, or for that matter use the Windows Key + S +Shift and drag a square over what you want to take a screenshot of?

  35. My feeling about going about as my wolf fursona in VRChat is this: You are human IRL, why be boring and be a human in the virtual world, when you could be anything. I've held this belief well before I found the furry fandom back in 2006/07 (I knew a little bit about the fandom as early as 2004)

  36. Yes, I got that too. I selected Pro and was given a warning that'll it'll be a while before I would get one.

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