1. The problem with G5's premise is that the writers don't bother to ask how the events in the story could've happened or how they could've been prevented, they just say it happened because they need it to happen. They're not building on G4's world, they're forsaking it. If none of the cities in G4 exist anymore, and magic and society are so different, then it might as well be a different world at that point. They link G5 to G4, I'm guessing, to build on G4's fanbase, but they link it in the worst way possible by having it take place in a new Equestrian dark age.

  2. Please let it be a new world. My gripes wouldn't exist if it was

  3. Also in Utah here. It’s so weird how conservative Christians love the rich and call the poor lazy. Didn’t Christ teach to care for and love the poor and didn’t he condemn the rich?

  4. Honestly I don't get it either. He taught to help those poor like he would. Like the Good Samaritan. Yet we live in a world where giving the poor more help, and rich less, is seen as demonic

  5. That was a tweet from Meghan McCarthy (the head of the storytelling department of MLP:FiM) wayyy back in 2013 when Twilight was only a regular alicorn.

  6. So it may as well be non canon at this point then. At least reading this helped me realize that

  7. Texan here. I personally just see Buc-ee’s as a gas station. However, there is an entire subculture that views it almost as a religion.

  8. Hey I was just thinking, do you know how long this has been a trend now?

  9. Inteleon is more inspired by the spy/British intelligence agents genre in general, rather than any specific person.

  10. Personally, I think it just depends on the Pokemon and its design. Blaziken is my favorite starter ever, and it's a humanoid chicken. But I also want this new grass starter to stay a normal cat. There are just too many variables and opinions for the devs to make a decision that the majority of folks will be happy with.

  11. Ok, now that I think about it, I should've clarified I mean the newer generations, Kalos/Alola-onward, Blaziken is still awesome

  12. Well it is because of Sprigatito's leg count. I'm one of those tired of turning starters humanoid. Can't it just remain a cat?

  13. I mean I don’t either but there’s nothing that can be done

  14. If it is true can we please stop humanizing starters? Like what made them decide to turn Sobble into James Bond? Sobble's a chameleon

  15. There's not a labor shortage, there a lack of jobs paying a livable wage while demanding so much of our time.

  16. Ok that too. Minimum wage hasn't increased in my state (Utah) for 14 years.

  17. Yeah I’m feeling that understaffing too. It keeps me busy so it’s great in a way but in another way having to call for backup is hard sometimes because they often don’t let me have time to clean up..lately we often don’t have backup available and then when I don’t get it all cleaned up the bitch constantly tells me about it. I think she’s been telling the other managers to tell me too. But I think she isn’t telling other people to clean up because often when I come in there’s a whole bunch of stuff to put away. It’s like yes I wanted a job that lets me be busy but not to the point where I get a manager getting on my case because it doesn’t get done.

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